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Where You Can Lodge When Visiting SCOAN

Intending visitors to the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) often ask: “Where can I lodge when visiting SCOAN?” This shouldn’t be much of a worry to you because there are lots of convenient options you can choose from. I will show you in a moment.

Before thinking of where to lodge, first of all make your SCOAN visit arrangement (I know accommodation is a part of that but it should be one of the last things to do).

Where to Lodge When Visiting SCOAN

Basically, there are two options: you can lodge in either the SCOAN premises or a nearby hotel.

where to lodge when visiting scoan

1. SCOAN Premises

This is everyone’s preferred place to lodge when visiting SCOAN. The SCOAN has 5-star standard and luxury accommodation within the church premises where they host thousands of their “official” visitors every week. To lodge here, you will have to head to the SCOAN official website and schedule your visit with them.

Typically, you will be required to fill in a visit questionnaire and then wait for a response from them. Note that due to the volume of application/requests, it normally takes time to get back to you. You may have to wait for several months, years or no response at all.

However, if you get an official letter of invitation from SCOAN, they will make arrangement for your stay in their lodge within the church premises. But it is not easy, you will need a lot of luck on your side. Nonetheless, lodging in the SCOAN premises is an option if you are planning to visit The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, Lagos – Nigeria.

Here is an idea of the cost of accommodation within the SCOAN premises.

2. Hotels Near SCOAN

This is the alternative for the tens of thousands of people that visit SCOAN every week. If you cannot secure an official invitation from SCOAN, then plan to lodge in a nearby hotel (ideally within 3 – 10 minutes of SCOAN).

There are lots of nearby hotels around. Here are some of the best and cheapest hotels near SCOAN, Ikotun Egbe, Lagos – Nigeria.

Since the SCOAN is not your typically conventional or predictable place to visit, it is not enough to just book for a hotel through some agency and make your trip to Lagos. You’ll need to do more than that to avoid having a bad experience.

First, you’ll need an agency that is on ground to properly guide you on the “SCOAN procedures” and when necessary, ‘hand-hold’ you to the church.

Secondly, we will also send you a letter of invitation in order to help you process your travel visa at the Nigerian Embassy or High Commission in your country of residence.

Thirdly, you will get great nearby hotel deals from this agency (from as little as $10 per night through $300 per night), depending on your budget.

The most important thing though is proximity to SCOAN and the ‘inside information and guide’ you will get about the SCOAN procedures that will be very helpful to you.

Also, you can still lodge at the SCOAN premises and be received as their official guest even if you are not invited by the church. But you’ll need to be guided on this too. That is why you’re better off with a SCOAN-knowledgeable agency to walk you through all these. It will save you costs, stress and the likelihood of any frustration.

We are undoubtedly the most recommended hotel/travel agency near SCOAN. You will get every bit of information and assistance you need about SCOAN and SCOAN visit with us.


You have two lodging options when visiting SCOAN – the church accommodation or a nearby hotel. You are guaranteed to lodge at the SCOAN hotel if you schedule your visit on their official website. However, due to the difficulty of being officially invited, finding a nearby accommodation (within 3 – 7 minutes) through a reliable hotel/travel agency may be your best bet.

Just get in touch with us, or check cheap hotel rooms near SCOAN, and make your reservation, and you are all but guaranteed to visit SCOAN without all the hassles.

Should you need help with visiting Nigeria (SCOAN), or with getting a Nigerian Visa on Arrival Approval letter, send us a message below with your active email address. We’ll get in touch with you immediately.

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