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Why You Need a Trusted Travel Agency When Visiting Nigeria

Visiting Nigeria (especially for the first time) can be very tough, unless you are in the good hands of a knowledgeable, genuinely trusted travel agency. The typical first timer to Nigeria is always skeptical for various reasons.

Reasons for visitors’ skepticism range from scams, fraud, kidnapping, false review on properties (hotels, resorts, tourist destinations, etc), terrorism, among others. The general opinion on Nigeria is one that strikes fear in the mind of the tourist or first time visitor.

Here comes Destinali, Nigeria’s most trusted travel company

We are well aware of the doubts, cynicism, worries, fears and all the negative vibes that go through the mind of visitors/tourists to Nigeria. We are also fully aware of the challenges you may have in getting credible, first-hand information of just about any destination in Nigeria, reliable and suitable accommodation, professional tour guide, and safe, secure movement to destinations. The hiccups and bureaucracy with visa processing also pose a major challenge. Of course, this is why we exist – to make it a breeze for you to visit Nigeria without having to worry about anything. Leave all that to us.

Know Nigeria like a local


best travel agency in nigeria
Destinali…Nigeria’s most trusted travel company.

You see, there is a lot of noise on the internet. You can’t rely on that. Why not have a local guide’s knowledge of just about any destination you would like to visit in Nigeria?

We know Nigeria like the back of our palms. We have presence in all states and regions of Nigeria, with knowledgeable and experienced tour guides and locals. Getting sufficiently accurate information about your destination prior to your visit is what you can readily find with Destinali

We know how disappointing and traumatic it can be when you arrive at a destination and it is not exactly what you thought. That’s why we give you only the exact information about your intended destination…and what to expect, including costs so you can adequately plan your travel.

With all this information at your disposal, you will arrive at your destination not feeling lost like a stranger. From the first minute, you’re already at home like a local.

Save costs on your travels

Even as a Nigerian in Nigeria, visiting a state or region you’re not quite familiar with can be expensive. The reason is the people are quite smart to notice that you’re a visitor (stranger), and  almost immediately prices for everything skyrocket. You’re in most cases made to pay between 700% to 3000% more on food, hotel, drinks, taxi, laundry, hairdressing, and just about everything!

You see, that is why we are here for you. We know all these things, and we make sure you pay only the exact amount on products and services in all destinations. In fact, we ensure that you pay even a lot less because travelling shouldn’t be that expensive at all. Don’t put a hole on your pockets.

Indeed, choosing Destinali as your travel partner will save you unbelievable costs. 

Feel safe and secure

The issue of safety and security in Nigeria is one of the major worries of the tourist. Visitors need to feel safe and secure on their trips, without having to lose sleep for fear of being kidnapped, robbed, attacked, duped or swindled.

We ensure visitors to Nigeria have a sense of safety by securely transferring them from the airport to their destinations and give them VIP protection. We prioritize safety and security above anything else and make sure you’re totally safe while with us. 

safety and security

Personalized tour guide and travel advice

We have tailor-made tour guide and travel advice for everyone, because visitors don’t have the same travel needs. We don’t adopt the “one size fits all” approach. 

Whatever your unique travel needs are… Low budget accommodation? Luxurious hotel room? Visa approval? Letter of invitation? Tour guide to any destination? Name it… We’ve got you covered, differently. Because you are unique.

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Why You Need a Trusted Travel Agency When Visiting Nigeria

Should you need help with visiting Nigeria (SCOAN), or with getting a Nigerian Visa on Arrival Approval letter, send us a message below with your active email address. We’ll get in touch with you immediately.

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Talk to us

So, if you’re thinking of visiting Nigeria right now, or anytime in the future, it is critically essential that you get a genuine, licensed, trusted, knowledgeable travel agency…Destinali. This is where your journey should begin, and we will pleasantly surprise you.

We are very responsive, and you can instantly reach us across many channels:


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