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A letter of invitation to Nigeria by a host (individual or company) is one of the mandatory Nigerian visa application requirements.

Get a Personal Letter of Invitation (with a valid passport copy of ‘host’), or Company Invitation Letter (with CAC registration documents of company).

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Do You Need an Invitation Letter to Visit Nigeria?

Yes. If you need a visa to enter Nigeria, then you very certainly also need a letter of invitation. A letter of invitation to Nigeria from a host is one of the mandatory Nigerian visa processing requirements.

To apply for an entry visa (business or tourist) to Nigeria, you will need to present an invitation letter from your host in Nigeria, be it an individual, company or organisation.

For an individual invitation letter, you will need the passport data page of the host as well. If it is a company or organisation inviting you, they must attach an incorporation certificate (CAC) to the letter of invitation.

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We have the highest visa approval percentage (99.99%). You are almost certainly guaranteed a visa (all things being equal). If at any slightest chance you are not able to get a visa at the embassy, we will process a visa on arrival for you (at a $50 discount). In essence, with a Nigerian visa invitation letter from us, your chances of getting a visa and travelling to Nigeria are sure.

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Our response time is very fast and it takes less than 60 minutes to get a letter of invitation to Nigeria from us. This is quite possibly the fastest and easiest way to get a valid invitation to Nigeria.

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Our team of visa experts know the exact requirements and procedures for all Nigerian embassies and will guide you through with the visa process. We do our best to make sure the visa process is as easy and fast as possible for you.

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We work round the clock to assist you with any questions you may have. We are Nigerian visa experts and will support you 24/7 to get your visa.

  • It takes within 60 minutes after payment to get a letter of invitation from us.
  • Safe, secure online payment with VISA or MasterCard (we also accept payment via Western Union, MoneyGram, WorldRemit, TransferWise or Mukuru).
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Instant Processing With a Valid Nigerian Passport of host and/or Company Incorporation Certificate (CAC) Attached. Honoured at All Nigerian Embassies/High Commmissions/Consulates Worldwide. Just $50 Payment.

The letter will be addressed and sent to the Nigerian embassy in the country where you intend to apply for a visa, alongside other visa processing requirements, with a copy also sent to you via email.

You will make a printout of these documents and present at the Embassy/High Commission/Consulate for visa processing.

How to Get an Invitation Letter to Nigeria

To quickly and easily get an invitation letter to process a Nigerian visa, you will need to send us your proposed visit details (arrival in Nigeria and departure from Nigeria) and passport info: names on passport, passport number, nationality, country applying from, and make a $50 payment here.

After payment, you should receive the letter of invitation (together with the host passport and CAC certificate) from us within 60 minutes via email. We will also forward a copy of the invitation to the embassy/immigration.

What are the Requirements for Getting a Nigerian Visa Invitation Letter?

Essentially, the information required to process a Nigerian visa invitation letter for you are your proposed dates of visit (arrival in Nigeria and departure from Nigeria) and a copy of your passport data page (passport details).

Need a Letter of Invitation for Visa to Nigeria?

The best and easiest way to get a valid Nigerian visa invitation letter (letter of invitation to Nigeria).

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Where do you want to visit in Nigeria? You need an invitation letter for Nigeria visa from a Nigerian with a valid passport (with at least six months validity) or a company with valid registered (CAC) documents.

We want to help you easily and affordably get a Nigerian letter of invitation. No hassles. No waiting for too long. Getting a qualified Nigerian visa invitation letter is the major determining factor to the success of your visa application.

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What Our Customers Say

You do an amazing job, Destinali. Thanks for the invitation and visa support. I'll recommend you to my friends.
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Wow, so quick with the invitation. Thanks for making it possible for us to come to Nigeria. I'll be contacting you again with my friends.
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South Africa
Very reliable. Thanks for processing my invitation and visa on arrival. I highly recommend your services.
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United States

Important Info

  • Besides your passport information, you are required to provide your proposed/intended travel dates in order to apply for the Visa Invitation Letter.
  • You are also required to provide information on which cities you plan to visit during your stay in Nigeria in order to apply for a Letter of Invitation to Nigeria.
  • You are not required to book a hotel to apply for the Visa Invitation Letter but we may ask about your accommodation information. The Nigerian Visa Invitation you will receive from Destinali consists of a hotel confirmation letter, though you don’t necessarily need to book a hotel with us.
  • Bear in mind that you are applying for a Nigerian invitation letter and not a Nigerian Visa. The Nigerian Visa Invitation Letter is a requirement for you to obtain a Nigerian Visa.
  • After you receive your invitation letter via email, you can apply for a Nigerian visa at one of their embassies in the country where you are resident.
  • The Nigerian Consulate may ask you for your hotel booking or any other proof of accommodation when issuing your visa.

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We charge $50 (i.e. 18,000 Nigerian Naira) per visitor for invitation processing. The invitation is intended for single entry visa only.

We send the letter of invitation as a soft copy to you via email or any other medium suitable to you. A copy is also forwarded to the Nigerian Embassy where you intend to apply for a visa.

A letter of invitation to Nigeria is a document which indicates that you are invited to Nigeria by a Nigerian or Nigerian company registered or incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria. It is a mandatory Nigerian visa application requirement. In order for you to apply for a Nigerian Visa, in addition to other requirements, you will need to present an Invitation Letter with your visa application. In the letter of invitation, the host must accept all immigration responsibility for the visitor and attach a valid Nigerian Passport and or company incorporation document (CAC certificate). The host is also expected to state clearly in the letter of invitation accommodation arrangement (or hotel reservation) made for the visitor.

Yes. If you require a visa to enter Nigeria, you very likely also need an invitation letter to Nigeria because a letter of invitation is one of the main Nigerian visa application requirements. If you want to successfully apply for a visa to Nigeria, then you will need a letter of invitation.

The passport copy of the host (signatory to the letter) and/or CAC certificate (company incorporation certificate).

We accept payment online here; or via WorldRemit, Transfer, Western Union, MoneyGram, Mukuru, etc.

It takes within 60 minutes or less after confirmation of payment to get an invitation letter from us.

No, not necessarily. A hotel booking is not required before getting an invitation. However, the Nigerian Consulate/High Commission may ask you to provide evidence of accommodation in Nigeria (a copy of hotel reservation confirmation) when you present for visa application. As a result, we also send a demo reservation confirmation together with the invitation.

After you receive your invitation letter via email, you can apply for a Nigerian visa at their embassy, high commission or consulate in your country of residence. You need to follow these steps:
1. Print your invitation in color, together with the host passport copy and/or CAC certificate.
2. Submit the letter as well as all the other required documents for your visa application at the embassy. These typically include: copy of international passport with at least six months validity left, a color passport-sized photo (white background), evidence of sufficient funds for the trip (6 months bank statement), evidence of proper accommodation arrangement (reservation confirmation), completed online visa application form, payment receipt and acknowledgement slip.
3. After your visa interview (where necessary) at the Nigerian embassy, they will issue you your visa, when approved.

You can specify your travel time frame, which may not exceed 90 days. Therefore, if you have already bought your tickets, go ahead and provide exact dates. However, if the purchase is still to be made, provide approximate time frame. Just keep those dates in mind when ordering tickets. Though after payment for invitation processing, we can amend the dates if need be at no additional cost to you.

When applying for a Nigerian visa, you will need to submit your original invitation letter, your passport copy, 2 passport photos (white background), proof of accommodation in Nigeria or hotel reservation confirmation and evidence of sufficient funds for the trip (bank statement). You will also need to fill the visa application form online and pay the visa fee applicable to your country.

We require the following to process an invitation for you:
1. Passport information (passport must not expire in the next six months after arrival in Nigeria)
2. Valid email address or WhatsApp Number
3. Arrival and departure date
4. Specify which cities you will visit during your stay in Nigeria
5. Number of entries required for your trip

No, you cannot. The Visa Invitation Letter allows you to apply for the actual Nigerian visa.

The Visa Invitation Letter is a document that must be submitted along with your visa application. It is not an actual visa, but rather a document that the Nigerian government requires when applying for an entry visa to Nigeria.

No, a letter of invitation is merely a document that allows you to apply for the actual visa. Whether you are approved for the visa will be at the discretion of the Nigerian government.

At Destinali, we have a 99.99% visa application success rate with our invitation. In the rare case that you don’t get a visa with our invitation, we will offer to process a Nigerian visa on arrival for you all by ourselves at a $50 discount. If you don’t take this option, we will give you back your money (the exact amount paid for the invitation) within 30 days. To qualify for a refund, however, the embassy must explicitly state that the letter of invitation is the reason for visa rejection.

To find your closest Nigerian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate, please visit the “Embassy Listings.

Nigeria may not be on many people’s bucket list, but that is mostly because there are a lot of common misconceptions about it. There are stories of crime, fraud, terrorism and Nigerians being rude.

While this is true to an extent, it does not reflect the totality of Nigerian culture and it’s people. In fact, it will surprise you to know that majority of Nigerians are very hardworking, honest, friendly, welcoming, hospitable and peace-loving.

Regardless of many misconceptions, there is a lot of surface area to explore. As with any other country, there are plenty of things you need to know before you hop on the plane, but rest assured that following the Nigerian etiquette is not that complicated. As long as you keep in mind that Nigeria is a traditional country, you should get around just fine.

Nigeria is also a religious country, especial in the core North. Thus, you will need to dress decently though we do not recommend visits to North-West region in Nigeria for safety reasons. Other than that, Nigeria’s major cities of Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Cross River, Ibadan, Benin, Delta, Imo, Enugu, etc are generally safe. 

Learn more about tourism in Nigeria here.

Sample Invitation Letter and Host Documents

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host passport
Sample CAC certificate
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