The Quickest and Easiest Way to Visit SCOAN in 2019

Over the past few years, we have helped thousands of people from different countries visit Lagos, Nigeria to attend The Synagogue, Church of All Nations and other awesome destinations in Nigeria.

Thankfully, we have had tremendous success arranging trips for our numerous clients from diverse backgrounds and giving each visitor a unique and amazing experience. This is why the bulk of our customers come from referrals and repeat visitors.

And since our mission is to help you easily and affordably visit Nigeria, we have put together perhaps the easiest and fastest way to visit SCOAN, Lagos – Nigeria.

We cover everything from easily getting a Nigerian visa, accommodation near SCOAN SCOAN services to flight booking and airport transfers.

We have put together this tour guide and trip bundle to take away the stress and hurdles of planning your trip to Nigeria, processing a visa, booking accommodation, arranging airport pick-up/drop-off, and most importantly a guide to attend the SCOAN services.

We will plan and arrange literally everything regarding your trip. You only need to book a flight, give us the ticket, passport data page, passport photo and make payment so we can process your visa.

Payment for accommodation and airport transfers can be made on arrival. You only need to pay the visa charge upfront to enable us process a visa on arrival for you.

Awesome, right? It can’t get any easier than this. Here is how it works:

How it Works: Visiting SCOAN Without Invitation

Here is how to easily and quickly make the trip to The SCOAN throughout the year:

  • Decide Your Dates of Visit
  • Book Flight Ticket
  • Get a Nigerian Visa on Arrival (VoA)
  • Arrange Accommodation and Airport Transfers
  • Attend the Sunday Service and Living Water Service

Deciding Your Dates of Visit

The first thing to do when planning to visit SCOAN (without waiting for an invitation from the church) is to make up your mind on when you want to visit. This depends largely on you really, because only you knows your schedule and have control of it.

When deciding your dates, bear in mind that it can take within a week (or two at most in some cases) to plan your trip to Nigeria.

In fact, if you have the requirements (travel documents) ready, we can take just a couple of days to process your visa and book accommodation for you.

Nigeria visa on arrival application

Get a Nigerian Visa on Arrival in 48 Hours!

(VoA Approval Letter + Invitation Letter + CAC Certificate)

Book a Flight to SCOAN – Lagos, Nigeria (LOS)

The next thing to do after making up your mind on when to visit is to find a flight to Lagos, Nigeria and make your booking. This is because we will require your fight itinerary (return ticket) in the next step.

Cost of flight varies depending on where you are flying from, the airline, ticket class, date of booking, and a host of other factors.

The best way to find the cheapest flights to the SCOAN, Lagos – Nigeria is to compare prices from multiple airlines and travel sites all at once and get the best deal. You can quickly and easily do that here.

Cheap Flights to Lagos, Nigeria

Search and compare flight tickets from multiple airlines at once. Pay the CHEAPEST rates only.

The closest airport to the SCOAN is Murtarla Mohammed International Airport, Lagos (LOS).

Get a Nigerian Visa on Arrival

A Nigerian Visa on Arrival (VoA) is quite possibly the fastest way to get a Nigerian visa. It takes just 48 hours to apply and get an approval!

To qualify to travel and get a Nigerian visa on arrival (VoA), we must first submit an application with the Immigration and then secure an approval.

The visa on arrival approval letter is what will qualify you to enter the plane and arrive at the port of entry in Nigeria where you will be issued an entry visa (good for 30 days). Without the letter of approval, you will be denied entry to Nigeria and sent back from the airport to your country.

Here is how a Nigerian visa on arrival approval letter looks:

Nigeria Visa on Arrival Approval Letter

Requirements for Nigerian Visa on Arrival

Here is what we require from you to be able to process a Nigerian Visa on Arrival (VoA) for you:

  • Passport copy (data page of your passport; passport must not expire in the next six months)
  • Flight itinerary (flight return ticket)
  • Recent passport photo (white background, looking straight)
  • Payment (visa cost, processing fees and service charge; total cost depends on your nationality/passport you hold)

Here is what we will provide in addition to your documents:

Nigeria visa on arrival application

Get a Nigerian Visa on Arrival in 48 Hours!

(VoA Approval Letter + Invitation Letter + CAC Certificate)

Having sent us your flight itinerary, passport data page and passport photo, we will send you a short form to fill and return to us and how to make your payment.

This will enable us process your visa on arrival and send you the letter of approval together with other required documents. This whole process takes two working days only.

Again, here is how it works:

  • Provide us required documents (flight itinerary, passport data page and passport photo);
  • Pay the cost (total amount depends on your nationality/passport);
  • We will do the visa processing, pay the visa fees and secure a letter of approval for you from the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS);
  • The approval qualifies you to get in the plane and arrive at the airport in Nigeria where you will be issued visa.

It’s that simple. The whole process takes two business days only. The approval is verifiable online on the immigration website here:

This way you can be sure of the visa status and authenticity. So no worries there.

Accommodation Near SCOAN and Airport Transfers

We offer a range of accommodations near The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, Lagos – Nigeria (SCOAN). Hotels are within 2 – 3 minutes walk from the SCOAN.

Rooms range from $20, $30, $40, $50, $60 per day depending on your budget. And the good thing is, if we arrange your visit, payment for accommodation is made on arrival.

You only need to let us know your daily room budget, and we will reserve and send you a confirmation.

Subsequently, when all is set, we will send you pick-up details (the name, photo and contact of our personnel to receive you at the airport). We will also get your photo for ease of identification.

Pick-up on arrival and drop-off at departure costs a total of $60. We must pick you up from the airport and drop you off in order to guarantee your safety while we us.

Remember, by virtue of our invitation, we undertake to bear your immigration responsibility and so we must provide for your safety.

You will be conveyed from the airport to the hotel where you can have your rest and be well guided on the SCOAN services.

You might also be escorted to the church for any inquiries and/or prayerline registration .

Attending the SCOAN Services

The SCOAN has two main services in a week: the Sunday Service and Living Water Service.

The Sunday Service is the first you will attend. Sunday service begins so early in the morning. Hence, we must take you to church early enough so you can be in the main auditorium with other international visitors.

The ushers do a lot of profiling, so you are well advised to come with your bet cloths for all services. You are expected to look decent and smart. Be very well dressed in good cloths and nice shoes. Do not look beggy for any service at the SCOAN.

As a matter of emphasis, dressing is taken seriously at the SCOAN. In fact, where you sit in the church may depend on the way you dress. The saying: “dress the way you want to be addressed” can’t be any truer here.

And while you are in church, be well comported and avoid any likely distractions. Avoid discussions inside the church premises, unless with the ushers. If you need to ask for anything while in church, you are better off talking to the ushers.

The Living Water Service is one of the most important services you should attend. Normally, it holds every Monday (unless otherwise stated in the church during Sunday service).

When booking your flight, schedule not to leave on Monday so you can attend this special healing and deliverance service at the SCOAN, especially if you are not booked for the prayerline.

In a nutshell, this is how to visit SCOAN, Lagos – Nigeria and attend the services.

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