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Visit SCOAN Without Invitation: Here is how you can do it

Are you tired of waiting for an invitation letter from SCOAN so you can make a visit to the church? For how long have you been waiting for a SCOAN invite? Chances are you will never ever get an invitation from the SCOAN! You might not even get to hear from them, ever! The good news is you can visit SCOAN without an invitation from the church. And here is how you can do that.

How to visit SCOAN without invitation

The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Lagos – Nigeria, is open to visit for all individuals from various countries. Normally, the church expects you to apply for visit on their website. However, the church doesn’t usually invite everyone due to one reason or another. The volume of requests on their website is usually huge, plus not everyone can afford what it costs to stay at the SCOAN premises.

So, visiting SCOAN without an invitation from the church is not only a lot cheaper but also faster, as you wouldn’t have to wait indefinitely for an invitation letter from them. But wait, here are 10 helpful things you must know before you visit SCOAN.

Here’s what you will need to safely visit SCOAN without invitation:

With Destinali, you can get all these sorted with easily, as a well trusted and recommended hotel and travel agency close to the SCOAN, Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos – Nigeria.

First, contact us and request for a letter of invitation. Or, you can simply fill the invitation form on their website. It takes within 24 hours to get the letter of invitation sent to you via your email address.

Second, be sure to book a cheap hotel room near SCOAN.

With this, we will be able to also secure a room for you and send you a reservation confirmation.

Having gotten your letter of invitation and reservation confirmation from Destinali, the next step is to approach the Nigerian embassy/consulate or high commission in your country of residence and apply for a visa.

The letter of invitation and reservation confirmation are the main documents required by the commission to approve your visa. You can find out other requirements and Nigerian visa processing fees here.

What if there is no Nigerian embassy in your country? Or what if it is too far away from where you reside? What if you don’t want the stress of visa application? What if you have no time to get a visa over there and need to visit Nigeria as soon as possible? Those are among the reasons most people prefer to get a Nigerian visa on arrival instead.

Here is how to get a Nigerian visa on arrival approval in 48 hours.

If you opt for a visa on arrival, you must get the approval documents before traveling, else you will be sent back from the airport. The Visa on Arrival (VoA) approval letter is sent to both the airline and Immigration port of entry in Nigeria.

Destinali Charges $200 to process visa on arrival approval, and the cost includes invitation processing, so you won’t have to pay invitation fees again.

Flight Booking and Airport Pick-Up

You can compare flight prices and airline tickets here before making your booking. To be received at the airport by the Destinali Team, you will need to send us your flight itinerary (ticket) and recent photo for ease of identification. We will be at the airport before your arrival time to safely pick you up to the hotel, where you will be guided to the church.

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Final Words

You can visit SCOAN without invitation from the church. The success of your visit, however, depends on well coordinated planning. The most recommended way to visit SCOAN without invitation is through Destinali Travels and you can contact us here or via email: to discuss your visit to Nigeria.

You will need a letter of invitation and reservation confirmation for visa processing. You can get all that (including airport pick-up on arrival and drop-off at departure) through Destinali. Payments can be made on arrival.

If you can’t get a visa in your country, you may choose to get a visa on arrival, and here is how to do that.

You will need to be received at the airport and be well guided to the church.

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