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So you are planning a trip to Nigeria. It could be your first (maybe not), so how do you begin? Planning a trip to Nigeria can be very overwhelming and time-consuming, especially for the first time visitor.

We are here for you…to take away all the hurdles and stress so you can save time and visit Nigeria with ease, and even for less money.

Whether you are travelling alone for business/tourism, or you are planning a family vacation, you deserve to go away and create priceless memories without any stress.

Where will you like to visit in Nigeria? Are you a business or leisure traveler (tourist)? Or even a back-packer (road traveler)? We can help make your trip to Nigeria a breeze! Don’t just take our word for it…try it to find out.

Here is how we can help you plan your trip to Nigeria

There is a reason we are called Nigerian Travel Experts.

We help you visit Nigeria easily, economically, and SAFELY! And we do this while saving you precious time.

1. Know Your Destination

The first step to planning your trip to Nigeria is to research and know your destination very well. Where do you want to go? How is the destination? What are the hotels near the destination that suit your needs and budget? What are the activities to do around your destination? What are the transport options? What is the nearest airport? Where to eat in the area, etc? So, how well do you know your destination? These are among the questions you need to ask about your destination.

What sort of experiences do you want on your trip?

  • Relaxation or adventure?
  • Religious pilgrimage?
  • Beaches or mountains?
  • Summer or winter?
  • Cities or countryside?
  • Resorts or road trips?
  • Festivals and culture?
  • Shopping or food experience?
  • Luxury, mid-range or budget?

This is why it is vital to have a local’s knowledge of your destination in order to help you make helpful decisions about your trip.

At Destinali, we know Nigeria like the back of our palms and can help you with every information you need to know about your intended destination so you can have the best possible experience on your trip to Nigeria.

2. Get Visa Support Documents

Essentially, you need to know the visa requirements for Nigeria. What do you need to get a Nigerian visa? What is the visa application process and how will you get the visa support documents? How long does it take to get a Nigerian visa? What is the Nigerian visa fee for your country? Can you get a Nigerian visa on arrival?

Generally, here are the Nigerian visa application requirements:

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months with at least 2 blank visa pages for endorsement.
  • Two recent passport photographs (white background)
  • Evidence of sufficient funds (3 months bank statement)
  • Address of host in Nigeria or hotel reservation confirmation
  • Letter of Invitation from host in Nigeria (Invitation letter must carry a valid passport from the host and/or company incorporation document – CAC).

Get Nigeria Visa Support Documents (Invitation Letter, Host Passport Copy, Company Incorporation Document -CAC). Only $50 NOW!

3. Book a Hotel

Need a hotel close to your destination? What is your budget? What are your room preferences? Need a serviced apartment instead? Wheelchair accessible?

We can help with hotel recommendation/accommodation that suites your needs and budget and booking. Contact us.

4. Book Flights

Since it is our goal to help you save costs on your travel, we help compare flight prices/airline tickets from multiple airlines and travel sites all at once so you can choose the best deal and pay the lowest rates only.

We do that through the Jetradar flight search engine. There are even Android and iOS apps for this to help you compare flight prices and book cheap airline tickets.

We also offer you a bunch of tips and hacks to help you save on flights.

cheap flights

5. Arrange Airport Transfers

Need comfortable 24/7 safe, secure and affordable airport pick-up and drop-off to and fro your destination? We are here to assist.

6. Tour Guide

Take a tour of the city/your destination like a local. Be well guided around by expert and knowledgeable local tour guides. Sit back, relax and have a memorable trip to Nigeria. It’s all fun!

Need anything else to make the perfect trip to Nigeria? We are very responsive and always willing to assist.

Get Invitation Get Visa on Arrival Need more info? Get in touch Get Nigerian Visa Support Documents (Host Passport Copy, Company Incorporation Document – CAC). Only $50 NOW!

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