Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Visit and Prophet TB Joshua

Everyday, people from all over the world visit the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Lagos, Nigeria for various reasons – spiritual healing, deliverance, prophecies, miracles, and/or religious tourism, etc.

The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) is one of the most popular and most attended churches in the world, and so famous for faith healing, miracles and prophecies.

You may have heard, seen on Emmanuel TV or experienced first hand the power of God in action at the Synagogue, Church of all Nations (SCOAN). We’ve seen people being healed of so many sicknesses and diseases. We’ve also seen lots of people being delivered from their afflictions. We’ve seen so many miracles at SCOAN, and a lot of testimonies of what God has been using his servant, Prophet TB Joshua, to accomplish in the lives of people.

So, let’s take a little time to know more about Prophet TB Joshua and the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

Prophet TB Joshua, the  Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), and SCOAN Visit

In case you are planning a SCOAN visit, or you just want to know about SCOAN and the Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, you will find the information to be very useful.

SCOAN visit

Prophet TB Joshua

  • The Synagogue, Church of all Nations (SCOAN) headquarters is located at 1, Segun-Irefin Street, Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria (West Africa). Ikotun is a small but busy town at the outskirts of Lagos and the SCOAN is the most notable landmark around there. I personally live here, directly behind the church building.
  • Prophet T.B. Joshua (also called The Man in the Synagogue) is the General Overseer of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). According to him, the Founder is Jesus Christ!
  • Temitope Balogun Joshua (now mostly known as Prophet TB Joshua) was born on June 12th 1963 in Ondo State, Nigeria to typical agrarian African parents. He is a high school dropout (from the first year) who later worked in a poultry farm.
  • TB Joshua taught little children while attending evening classes. He imitated Jesus Christ by washing people’s feet on the muddy streets of Lagos; had a forty day fast and received a divine call and started his ministry with just eight members.


scoan visit

SCOAN Visit: Everything You Need to Know

  • Visits to the Synagogue, Church of all Nations (SCOAN) are scheduled and pre-booked, however, you can visit on your own and attend Sunday service.
  • While in the church, assessing the main church auditorium is on first-come first-in basis, as the crowds are usually large. There are tents for the overflow congregation who will follow live church service on the big screens.
  • If you have any physical challenge (e.g. if you are on wheel chair or using crutches), then make sure you schedule your visit with them before visiting, otherwise you may not be attended to. You can still attend church though, but the Man of God may not personally attend to you.
  • If you are a Nigerian (home and abroad), just call the SCOAN official numbers to schedule your visit to the Synagogue, Church of all Nations – Mon-Fri 11am-10pm (GMT+1).
  • If you are a foreign visitor wanting to visit the Synagogue, Church of all Nations, then you will need to fill a questionnaire on the SCOAN official website. Provide all required details about you and wait for a confirmation of your visit before making travel arrangements. For all communication with The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, you must use the following SCOAN official email address:
  • Unless you have an ECOWAS Passport, you will need a visa to visit Nigeria. You can easily get one  through the Nigerian Embassy/High Commission in your country of residence, or let us process a Visa on Arrival (VoA) for you.
  • To get a Nigerian visa in your country of residence, you MUST present an invitation letter from someone in Nigeria (including their passport data page), which you will present to the Nigerian embassy/high commission with your application form, passport, passport photo. You will get a visa after paying the required fees.
  • Confirm your flight arrival times with SCOAN so they will arrange for church representatives to meet you at the airport and escort you to the church premises. This is necessary for your safety and other reasons.
  • There are many rooms available for international visitors to stay within the church premises. The accommodation ranges from dormitories to family rooms to private rooms – all with en-suite hot showers, toilets and air conditioning. There is a special dining room for international visitors where three full meals are served a day. Extra drinks, snacks and toiletries are also all available for purchase at the shop on the church premises.
  • Under normal circumstances,  international visitors would stay for 7 days (one week). During this time, you will have the opportunity to visit the Faith Resort Ground, attend the various services at the church, watch faith-building videos, listen to life changing testimonies, receive lectures from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua and much more all as the Holy Spirit directs.
  • The church has full internet and telephone facilities. Cash payments only (US Dollar, Pound Sterling, and Euro) are accepted.

Alternative SCOAN Visit

  • Sometimes, as you would expect, it can be very difficult to get a SCOAN invitation letter. You might have to wait for several months or even a year to get a response or invite from them. For the foreign visitors, especially, this might not be easy for them.
  • There are several reasons and instances when you would have to make an alternative arrangement to visit SCOAN. If you have an urgent need to visit the Synagogue Church of all Nations, then you may consider an alternative SCOAN visit arrangement. Secondly, the logistics and accommodation fees in the church may be too expensive for you, especially if you’re going to stay for longer. There are a host of other reasons. Generally, arranging an alternative way to visit SCOAN will help fast-track your visit and save you cost.
    • First, you will need an invitation letter to come to Nigeria, not necessarily a SCOAN invitation. To get an invitation to Nigeria, you can contact us at and we will get it sorted in no time.
  • Secondly, you will need to make accommodation arrangements. You can contact us to make reservation for you or book any of our hotel rooms near SCOAN here.
  • To guarantee your safety, we will need to pick you up from the Airport on arrival. Our rooms are all within a walking distance (3 to 5 minutes) to the Synagogue (SCOAN). This is to enable you get to church in time to do the necessary registration.


SCOAN visit

Going to Church (SCOAN)

Due to the large usually large crowds at the SCOAN, you are expected to be in church in good time for the Sunday service. If you are not in church already as early as 3.30am, you may not have access to the main church auditorium, meaning you would have to settle for the overflow crowd. Some people begin to queue up from 3am, so make sure you arrive church in good time. This is why most visitors choose us (our hotel rooms are just 3 minutes walk away from the SCOAN). And since you must arrive church as early as, we drop you off and also take you back to the hotel after service. This is part of our security pledge and guarantee.

There is a thorough search at both the church entrance and overflow crowd; some items are prohibited from entry into the church. Additionally, you must pick the current SCOAN service bulletin (booklet) from the church vendors, otherwise you will be bounced from the gate – it costs just N200 (less than $1). It is not compulsory for the overflow crowd though.

Just to clear your doubts, the SCOAN Morning Water is being paid for. A bottle of it exchanges for N5,000 (about $12)  paid in cash inside the church auditorium. It comes with some DVDs and anointed stickers as part of the total package. There is usually a service break for you to get your Morning Water and other faith-based items.

If you need help with visiting The Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN), Lagos – Nigeria, SCOAN, invitation letter, hotel reservation near SCOAN,  visa processing, airport pick-up, flight booking, or any other inquiry you would like to make, you can contact us via phone (+2349029850280), email (, or fill the form below.

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