Visa Free Countries for Nigeria

46 Visa-Free Countries For Nigerians To Visit

Leaving Nigeria for work or for holidays is on the mind of pretty much all Nigerians. With Nigerian passport ranking 93rd (as of 29th March 2019) in freedom to travel across the world, getting a visa is as hard as a camel trying to pass through the eye of a needle. But, there are countries which are visa-free for citizens with the Nigerian passport, that grant visa on arrival within some days or months.

Visiting Visa-free countries reduces expenses and stress.

We have provided you with a list of visa-free countries you can visit with just your Nigerian Passport, and reasons you can visit each one of them and have a great time.

Countries Nigerians Can Visit Without Visa

Here are some of the countries Nigerians can visit without a visa:

1. Barbados

Barbados is a country in the western area of the North Atlantic and east of the Windward Islands and the Caribbean Sea. English is the official language here making communication, not so difficult. You can go shopping in Barbados capital, Bridgetown for small items and even high classed jewelry.

Reasons to go to Barbados


Barbados boasts of 10 beaches, with the sands of Dover Beach and Bottom Bay being world-class tourist choices. Beaches, to give you a soothing and relaxing vibe.

Food Home

Barbados could be a dream home for Foodies, cuisines that are mixtures from influences of Caribbean, African, and Indian influences.

Marine Life

There are beautiful animals and creatures off the shores of Barbados. This is a destination to those who love to swim with turtles, dolphins, flying fish and more.

2. Benin Republic

The Benin Republic is filled with profound history, vibrant culture, indigenous beliefs, stunning beaches, protected wildlife- buffaloes, antelopes, West African lions, elephants, and others. The country is home to the Pendjari National Park, where you access through the hills and cliffs of the Atakora range, filled with beautiful scenes and nature at its best. Being neighbours, Nigerians are offer visa via entry into the country.

Reasons to go to the Benin Republic

Here are some of the reasons to visit Benin Republic:

Overwhelming History

The struggle for independence and thereafter democracy from just the great Dahomey Kingdom during the slave trade in the 1800s, and how it grew to the present day the Benin Republic is documented in memorials, ruins, and museums.

Enjoy Beach Life

The beachfront towns are bordered by the greenish blue Atlantic Ocean, lapping against the brilliant shoreline. Splash up the warm African sun under the windy palm trees, you can appreciate a round of shoreline volleyball, or seat up and steed ride along the perfect stretches of shoreline.

Energetic Streets

The dusty streets are loaded up with grinning faces. Scrutinize the clamoring markets for specially crafted works before dodging into a neighborhood bar to attempt the palm wine and nearby lager – La Béninoise. Local people are energetic about jazz, French film and moving!

3. Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso offers you notorious natural view, interesting design accomplishments, and a flourishing expressions scene. Burkina Faso is home to a lot of gold stores. Nigerians can visit the nation on a free visa premise and can remain as long as you can give an arrival ticket. Likely the thing Burkina Faso is most celebrated for is its music and drumming society; on the off chance that you are keen on adapting West African drumming, at that point, this is the nation to visit! The popular tourist sites include Les Cascades de Banfora, Mosque of Bobo-Dioulasso and Nazinga Game Ranch.

Reasons to go to Burkina Faso

Why you should visit Burkina Faso:

Beautiful Landscapes

Burkina Faso complements Africa’s regular fortunes with a scope of lovely scenes. You can try to visit different tourist spots that will revive your faculties, for example, the Peaks of Sindou, the Waterfalls of Banfora and the Park of Bangr Weogo.

Famous Heritage

The design in Burkina Faso is intelligent of the nation’s outstanding character. Probably the best precedents incorporate the Bobo Dioulasso Grand Mosque and the Commercial Bank of Burkina Faso in Ouagadougou.

Lively Culture

The Burkinabé carry on this present country’s glad convention in expressions of the human experience and stimulation scene. Treat yourself to Burkina Faso’s credible writing, appreciate theater exhibitions and respect the top-quality workmanship in plain view in its vivacious urban areas.

4. Burundi

Burundi is among this list of visa-free countries that offer Nigerians visa, 30 days after arrival. Burundians have enjoyed a tradition of expression in the visual arts (including ceramic manufacture-introduced by Italian missionaries). Drums, swords and papyrus panel decorated with Burundian legends are prized collections of lovers of art.

Reasons to go to Burundi

Wildlife Paradise

Aside from the national parks, there are also forests and even Lake Tanganyika untouched by overcrowding; making it a home for wildlife and you get to see most animals in their home, unrestricted. Enjoying stuff like the sounds of African birds and bantering of chimpanzees.

Burundi Dishes

In Burundi, you get to enjoy delicacies from authentic and wholesome cooking from land and water dishes, or even a mixture of both. It’s something to look forward to.

5. Cambodia

Cambodia is a country filled with tourist attractions. Nigerians can arrive into Cambodia through major border crossing or airports in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh and will be offered visa with 30 days afterward.

If you crave for solitude after the hustle and tussle in Nigeria, you can visit Cambodia beaches, and have a great time. You will have a welcoming adventure from the ever loving and benevolent of the people of Cambodia. Famous attractions are the Choeung Ek in Phnom Penh, the Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap, and the pristine beaches of Sihanoukville.

Reasons to go to Cambodia

Historical Landmarks

The Landmarks and people of Cambodia are embedded with great history and tales. The crimes and wickedness of the former Khmer Regime still lie on the Phnom Penh’s Killing Fields and the Old town of Kampot still lives with its old world charm and history.

Angkor Temples

Cambodia’s greatest tourist attraction has to be the astounding temples of Angkor, Almost every visitor going to Cambodia always want to visit these temples, why don’t you too go? The dying ruins of the 12th century-old temple, Prasat Preah Vihear and Banteay Chhmar can be found off the beaten track, surrounded by jungles.

Experience the Culture

With each daily activity you do, you get to enjoy and appreciate the charm, innocence, and simplicity of that governs the culture of the Cambodian people. What’s there not to love in the colonial buildings, ethnic minority rural villages, bamboo-lined floating villages, and tropical beaches.

6. Cameroon

Cameroon in some ways it’s as large as Africa itself even though it is not the largest country in Africa. Known as “Africa in miniature” it features French and English speaking portions; communication won’t be a hassle, Muslim and Christian dominated regions just like Nigeria. Cameroon has the tallest mountain in West Africa and terrain that includes mountains, desert plains, rain forest, and high plateau. The country shares a border with Nigeria, hence being one of the visa-free countries Nigeria citizens can visit. Popular attraction sites you can visit when in Cameroon include tourist sites like the Limbe Botanic Garden, Benedictine Museum of Mont Febe, National Museum in Yaounde and the Kribi.

Reasons to go to Cameroon

Intriguing Wildlife

With its wild interwoven of mountains, rainforests, and stops, for example, Campo Ma’an National Park and Bouba Njida National Park, Cameroon are where untamed life and nature sweethearts inhabited.

Cameroonian Culture

The way of life of Cameroon is a dazzling woven artwork of local moves, for example, the bikutsi and makossa, enticing dishes, for example, Ndolé, and inquisitive legends, for example, Rhumsiki crab divination.

Delightful Scenery

Sensational mountains hung in tropical wildernesses offer an approach to spouting cascades and brilliant savannahs dabbed with customary towns, while wild shorelines bordered no sweat into the Gulf of Guinea.

7. Cape Verde

Cape Verde, also known as Cabo Verde, is a mysterious island paradise off the coast of West Africa that is known for its beautiful beaches, lazy towns, and folksy rhythms. It is an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands. Cape Verde is a former Portuguese colony.

The country offers Nigerians visa-free entry. The official language for Cape Verde is Portuguese and their local language is Kriolu. There are loads of fresh fruits for those that enjoy eating fruits. Cape Verde is one of the amazing places for Nigerians to visit without a visa.

Popular attractions include Pico de Fogo, Santa Maria Beach, and Funana Casa da Cultura.

Reasons to go to Cape Verde

Stunning Beaches

Maria on Sal is prominent with sun admirers, Santa Monica and Praia de Chaves on Boa Vista are amazingly lovely, and São Pedro on São Vicente offers world-well known speed windsurfing.

Loggerhead Turtles

Cape Verde is the third most significant settling zone on the planet for loggerhead turtles. The sandy shorelines of Boa Vista, Santiago, and Sal are outstanding settling and bring forth destinations.

Rural Island Life

Generally immaculate by advancement and unfamiliar by voyagers, Cape Verde is an asylum for explorers who need to encounter the apathetic pace and natural rhythms of tropical island heaven.

8. Chad

Home to a solid Islamic culture and itinerant ethnic gatherings and decorated with luxurious desert scenes and exciting game parks. Nigerians can visit Chad without agonizing overpaying for a visa i.e it’s absolutely free.

Filling in as an intersection for various civilisations, Chad’s long and profound established history and impacts are obvious in its societies, dialects, and surroundings. Situated in the focal African locale, it’s effectively the home and base of a wide assortment of wild creatures. You can visit the Zakouma National Park; which incorporates 44 types of enormous creatures, and numerous types of winged creatures.

In the event that you are one for verifiable relics, it would intrigue you that the district is loaded with fascinating sandstone arrangements – effortless fingers of shake and a huge number of normal curves. Prominent attractions incorporate Ennedi Desert and Zakouma National Park.

Reasons to go to Chad

Gems of the Desert

Explore the tremendous pit of Emi Koussi spring of gushing lava, cresting the Tibesti Mountains; while the striking curves and shake arrangements dispersed along the Ennedi Desert are a topographical wonder to observe.

Lively Markets

Deal your way through the ringing commercial centers all through the urban communities, where you’ll be enticed by hand-woven mats, glossy gifts and wooden carvings – the prized collection of a significant vacation.

Lofty Wildlife

Go on safari and see the wild African marvels in their prime. Find elephants washing up at a watering gap, lions stalking their prey, or gazelle jumping over the savannah. Early morning or nightfall drive is exceptional.

9. Comoros

The Comoro Islands is situated off the south-east bank of Africa. Nigerians obtain a visa on landing (visa on arrival) in The Comoro Islands, that is the reason it’s on the rundown as one of the free visa nations for Nigerians.

Comoros offers a lot of escape thoughts with its unique and energizing group of stars of islands. You can visit the Lac Sale, an astounding lake with an extraordinary 360-degree perspective on its view, while getting a look off the coast past Hahaya.

You could likewise watch Goliath ocean turtles laying eggs and make a plunge the Marine National Park later in the day. Sweet fragrances that lift your spirits, a biological system of delightful marine life and tropical shorelines in abundance.

Comoros is a delightful archipelago off the edge of Africa’s east coast, a desert garden for the outlandish voyager. The island country comprises of three primary islands, all of which have assorted regular biological systems and rich social legacy.

Top vacation destinations incorporate Mount Karthala, Chomoni Beach and Grand Mosque du Vendredi.

Reasons to go to Comoros

Beach Life

The back and forth movement of the tropical sea of Comoros appreciates waters that are warm, palm trees that make perfect shade bearers and the best part is that couple of sightseers, so you’ll feel as if you’re without anyone else private oasis.


Fill your lungs with common aroma as you walk the avenues of Comoro. The island country is the main maker of ylang-ylang and the second maker of vanilla on the planet, which gives Comoros its moniker, the Perfume Island.

Marine Animals

Ocean turtles are an extraordinary wellspring of pride for the general population of Comoros, and situated on the island of Mohéli is the place you’ll see them settling, just as eco-accommodating the travel industry exercises to get guests familiar with these delicate monsters.

10. The Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire)

The Republic of The Ivory Coast allows free without a visa to Nigeria Passport holders. Abidjan is it’s capital city and is a seriously appealing city, bound with tidal ponds and near the sea, with numerous slopes and lavish tropical vegetation.

You can visit the lovely Cathedral of Abidjan, roosted on a slope sitting above the city; the zoo, albeit unobtrusive yet agreeable for youngsters; the Parc du Banco, a virgin rainforest; and the huge outside business sectors in Cocody, Treichville, and different rural areas.

A tidal pond pontoon visit offers a great perspective on Abidjan’s horizon. There are numerous alternatives for excursions outside of Abidjan. It is conceivable that you go north to Korhogo or Comoe Game Park – on any number of days you like-weekend, and there are numerous charming day trips.

Brilliant shorelines and warm turquoise waters kiss your toes as you land in the wonderful West African nation of Ivory Coast. The valleys are profound and mountains are tall. Top attractions incorporate Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, The Plateau and Tai National Park.

Reasons to go to Ivory Coast

Houses of God

The biggest and most surprising church on the planet can be found in the capital city of Yamoussoukro. The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace is a basilica, worked as an excellent reproduction of the Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Tai National Park

A standout amongst the most immaculate national stops in West Africa, Tai National Park is home to a variety of wild creatures, including dwarf hippopotamus and chimpanzees. You will likewise discover tranquil streams and gigantic bluffs, all adding to its magnificence.

Brilliant Beaches

The shorelines of Ivory Coast are known as probably the most immaculate in West Africa, with brilliant sands and warm waters that bait guests in for a plunge in the sea.

11. Djibouti

Flanked by Eritrea in the north, Ethiopia in the west and south, and Somalia in the South-East, Djibouti is a little African nation with a populace of around 500,000 individuals.

Nigerians can visit Djibouti without paying a dime for a visa as it has been enrolled as one of the visa-free nations for Nigerians.

The nation has some entirely astonishing sights. Some incorporate; The Lac Assal (Lake Assal) which copies as both the second-absolute bottom on earth and a magnificent landscape. You could likewise go scuba plunging the nation over landscape or oar for a considerable length of time in a kayak.

Arranged on the East African coast is the amazing nation of Djibouti. This country, home to in excess of 887,000 inhabitants, incorporates outsider scenes because of the encompassing area’s volcanic movement.

Djibouti offers you an outstanding African experience, noteworthy societies, and superb touring openings. Top attractions incorporate Lake Assal, Day Forest National Park in Djibouti City and Arta Beach.

Reasons to go to Djibouti

Outstanding Scenes

Djibouti is home to four volcanoes, both dynamic and wiped out. This has brought about dreamlike scenes, including salt lakes, indented fields, basaltic levels, and staggering ravines. Go on an undertaking with different land and water exercises.

Mind boggling Wildlife

The apparent outsider condition of Djibouti is the home of a different scope of creatures, including the hamadryas primate, dik-diks, consecrated ibis and dark sponsored jackals. Watch out for these inhabitants as you investigate this country.


On account of its geographic position, Djibouti has been for a long time a junction for exchange and trade. Experience this present nation’s cosmopolitan nature by testing its customary nourishment, for example, harira (soup) and banana squanders.

12. Dominica

Dominica gifts Nigerians a free passage Visa for 21 days. This nation is a rocky Caribbean island with tropical rainforests, cascades, lakes, crevasses, waterways, and hot springs.

The rough coastline suits provincial shoreline towns and rough dark sand shorelines, which will, in general, be useful for swimming or jumping spots. The cash is East Caribbean Dollar (XCD), while the official language is English.

Dominica is an unquestionable requirement see the goal for explorers, darlings, voyagers, and anybody looking for an epic excursion.

Reasons to go to Dominica


Voyagers rush to the Hispaniola island to take in the gloriousness of the Dominican Republic shorelines. Punta Cana fills in as a perfect shoreline spot for entertainment only water sports, for example, kayaking and surfing.

National Parks

The Dominican Republic is biodiverse heaven! A bounty of brilliant creature species and tropical plants can be found at spots, including the Eastern National Park. Spot species, for example, ocean turtles, manatees, and bottlenose dolphins.


Amazing structures will catch your consideration, as you stroll around and scrutinize the sights along your voyage through the urban areas in the Dominican Republic. Spanish frontier structures can be found in Santa Domingo’s Zona Colonial.

  1. Ethiopia

Finish espresso trails ethereal scenes that murmur with social persona and old remains hung in verifiable charm and find why Ethiopia is the core of Africa. With more than 100,000,000 occupants, it is the second-most crowded nation in Africa. Attractions incorporate the temples in Lalibela, Blue Nile Falls in Bahir Dar and Simien Mountains National Park close Gondar.

Reasons to go to Ethiopia

Fascinating Attractions

Visit Axum, which is said to have been the stepping ground for the Queen of Sheba; look into a well of lava; or wonder about the surprising aesthetics of the Lalibela places of worship.

Coffee Ceremonies

Found in the wild slopes of Kaffa in the tenth century, Ethiopia is the origination of espresso. Ethiopian coffee services are notable social ceremonies that praise this hallowed tropical mix.

Captivating Cultures

Ethiopia is a remarkable mosaic of 80 diverse ethnic gatherings. The Omo Valley is home to the absolute most captivating clans in Ethiopia, including the Mursi, Hamer, and Karo.

  1. Fiji Island

The Republic of Fiji is arranged in the South Pacific Ocean. Comprised of 333 islands and around 800000 individuals, the capital is Suva and English is one of the official dialects. This Oceania nation is said to have a standout amongst the most created economies in the Pacific. As a Nigerian Passport holder, you can remain in the nation for 4 months without a visa, however, you may require a guest’s grant for the time of your remain. This grant can be recharged after the free visa period. In Fiji, you can investigate the mind-blowing shorelines, assorted marine life and the absolute most engaging tropical landscape. Reasons to go to Fiji

Shocking Sights

Regardless of whether its Fiji’s stunning shorelines or its lavish inside, you will be spoilt for decision over what part of this island heaven you’d like to investigate first.

Exciting Activities

The common scene that Fiji offers welcomes you to go on an undertaking. There are a few open doors for climbing trails, zip-coating, swimming, and surfing.

Fascinating Wildlife

The unbelievable assortment of animals around Fiji will engage creature sweethearts. Find natural product bats, peaked iguanas, mongooses, bull sharks, and tortoises.

  1. The Gambia

he Gambia holds the title of the littlest nation in Africa, possessing the length of the Gambia River valley and its encompassing slopes. Settled inside the outskirts of Senegal, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, The Gambia has recorded connections to Arab, French and British impacts, obvious in its history, engineering, and cooking. Populated by more than 2 million individuals, the nation is eminent for its assorted environments, bounteous untamed life, and fascinating shorelines. Well known attractions incorporate the Wassu Stone Circles and Bijilo Forest Park

The Gambia has authentic connections to Arab, French and British impacts, obvious in its history, engineering, and food. Populated by more than 2 million individuals, the nation is eminent for its various biological systems, bottomless untamed life, and outlandish shorelines. Well, known attractions incorporate the Wassu Stone Circles and Bijilo Forest Park.

Nationals of Nigeria may enter The Gambia without a visa for as long as 90 days.

Reasons to go to the Gambia

Eco-tourism industry and Wildlife

The Gambian scene is comprised of saved wetlands, palm forests and savannah fields – the ideal condition for fledgling watching and getting up near monkeys, civets, hyenas, and numerous other captivating animals.

Pristine Beaches

Swing in a lounger between the palm trees, as you look over the shimmering blue sea. Appreciate the exciting water sports, sunbathe till dusk and go for long strolls along the stretches of brilliant sand.

Culture Trip

Explore the nation’s wild side with 4X4 outings and waterway travels; while the provincial milestones and exhibition halls in the towns give a foundation into the previous slave exchange. Examine the neighborhood markets for hand-made keepsakes to bring home.

  1. Ghana

A nation of well-disposed and inviting individuals, Ghana is progressively turning into a most loved traveler goal. As a major aspect of ECOWAS benefits, Nigerians can enter the nation without a visa or at times might be given a visa on landing. The nation is renowned for its different slave exchange notable antiques, for example, strongholds worked by the British, Dutch, Danish, Germans, Portuguese, and the Swedish dabbed along the coast. You can likewise hang out on the lovely shorelines, for example, Kokrobite and Winneba; visit the two prestigious national stops inland, or look at the remote history of the Ashanti.

Welcome to Ghana, where drums and move welcome you in, and melodies are expounded on its common excellence. Ghana is wealthy in West-African history and has a pleasant music culture and kind occupants that make up the number of inhabitants in 27 million. Beautiful sites are the likes of Wli Waterfalls, Bojo Beach, and Cape Coast Castle.

Reasons to go to Ghana


Ghana was at one time the port stop for the trans-Atlantic slave exchange course, and still has the scars to appear for it, found in the palaces along Cape Coast.


The glow of the general population, the beat of the Djembe drums in the lanes and the new, handcrafted dishes all add to what makes Ghana so superb.


The brilliant sanded shorelines in the urban areas of Accra, Beyin and Gomoa Fetteh are the ideal spots for drum exercises and cold glasses of palm wine.

  1. Guinea

A significantly small country, Guinea, one of the visa-free countries for Nigerians offers visa-free entry. They do have exceptional natural resources in their country like bauxite, jewels, and gold.

Guinea is a wondrous destination, with golden coastlines, sweeping waterways, and indigenous wildlife. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and has a population of more than 12 million residents. Guinea is for the adventurous traveler, keen on exploring a true African gem. Attractions include Conakry Grand Mosque, Les Cascades De La Soumba, and Mount Nimba Nature Reserve.

Reasons to go to Guinea

Amazing Wildlife

The broad National Park of Upper Niger assumes control over the eastern fringe of Guinea. Here you will discover profound savannas, forests, tranquil waterways and creatures, for example, manatees and Gambian mongoose.

West African Life

The urban areas of Guinea are exactly as expected for this locale of Africa, and you’ll appreciate the sights and hints of the business sectors of Conakry and Nzérékoré. Make a point to appreciate the freshest products of the soil lagers as well!

Delightful Beaches

Guinea has the absolute most eminent shorelines in all of West Africa, with brilliant sands, palm trees, and delicate seaside waters. Local people and guests alike are known to appreciate a plunge in the wake of a difficult day.

  1. Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is the place the tropical shorelines of West Africa meet the extraordinary rhythms of Portugal and the days are wild and the evenings delicate.

A nation circumscribed by Guinea toward the south and east, and Senegal toward the north, Guinea-Bissau offers a 90-day visa to Nigerians on entry. The nation has two or three backwoods and a characteristic park where you can see chimpanzees in case you’re fortunate. Prominent attractions incorporate the Bissagos Islands, Dulombi-Boe National Park, and Bafatá.

Reasons to go to Guinea-Bissau

Bissagos Islands

Otherwise called Bijagós Islands, this archipelago of 88 islands is acclaimed for its superb shorelines and tropical woods, and is viewed as a standout amongst the most wonderful places in Africa.

Assorted Wildlife

Regardless of its size, Guinea-Bissau is known for its different untamed life. Its mangrove trenches are manatee heaven, while its level savanna and rainforests are home to chimpanzees and elephants.

Colorful Beaches

The special outlandish charm of West African shorelines is verifiable, and the Bissagos Islands and terrain of Guinea-Bissau are home to the absolute most intriguing shorelines in West Africa.

  1. Haiti

Haiti is a Caribbean country that occupies the western third of the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola. Nigerians receive a 90-day free visa on arrival. Due to its many mountains, Haiti is a paradise for hikers. Attractions in Haiti include numerous beaches, water sports, a waterpark, and traditional Haitian dance performances. A way for many Haitians to make a living, but also some of the best art in the Caribbean. Raw, real and authentic, whether it’s Voodoo, sculpture or brightly coloured canvas, having a piece of Haitian art in your home is a must for any art collector.

Reasons to go to Haiti

The Culture

Haiti is a Caribbean nation that hasn’t yet lost its way of life and locality to the western world. You’ll see craftsmen beating iron figures in the roads, music siphoning down rear ways and in case you’re fortunate, you may get a Voodoo service and get a genuine taste of Haitian culture.


A blend of French, African and Spanish, kréyol is the customary Haitian cooking. With most dinners served up with diri kole ak pwa, (rice and beans) you’ll see anything from poulet with kidney bean rice, (chicken and rice) to poisson frit et sauce ( fish in creole sauce). Flavourful and not very hot, Haitian food has its very own Caribbean – European pizazz that you won’t discover anyplace else in the locale.

The History

A nation with a wild and intriguing past, Haiti is flooding with fascinating stories. In the event that you end up in the north in Cap Haitien, you’ll hear about the upheaval, the association with the Dominican Republic, privateers and autonomy. Where it’s uncommon to discover a Caribbean nation with such a rich history, this is something in which Haiti is unquestionably not lacking.

  1. Iran

Previously called Persia by the west until 1935; Surprisingly, Iran provides visas to Nigeria citizens immediately on arrival. You can go on a tour to the Ancient cities, Armenian churches, and Museum; that has collections worth over $2.5 billion dollars, visit tombs of Popular people like Cyprus the Great, Imam and Reza, the biblical Mordecai and Esther, etc or the Palaces.

Reasons to go to Iran

Beautiful Culture

It could be seen as a tradition of the Iran culture; locals in Iran are accustomed to inviting visitors to come to have tea or a meal. Go and admire the Dej-e Shapour Khast and the Shah Mosque’s entrance, Iran has a thing for creating beautiful scenery.

Charming Gardens

Visit the National Botanical Garden in Tehran, the Eram Garden in Shiraz and the Flower Garden of Esfashan. Iran really puts lots of effort in the creation of their exotic gardens, you will love them.

Amazing Scenery

iYou really should see breathtaking sights like the Mount Damavand, the vast deserts of Dash-e Lut, the hot springs of Badab-e Surt. Enjoy and explore Iran’s collection of wealthy natural Beauty.

  1. Kenya

Nigerians can go Kenya; a nation of unfathomable natural life and get a visa inside 90 days of entry. Kenya is a standout amongst Africa’s best areas for a get-away. Notable tourist spots, for example, Mount Kenya remain over the savannah flatlands and tropical forests while its cascades are settled inside the lower regions. Invigorating breezes float over the Indian Ocean to restore your spirit in the nation’s numerous seaside towns and islands. From her most astounding tops to her most profound sea profundities, Kenya offers you an African dream trek of a lifetime!

Kenya is the safari capital of the wonderful African mainland. Well, known attractions are the likes of Fort Jesus in Mombasa and Karura Forest in Malindi.

Reasons to go to Kenya

Nature Reserves

Kenya is honored with staggering nature stores bound with stunning creatures and plant species. Malindi flaunts huge attractions, for example, Arabuko Sokoke National Park and Watamu Marine National Park.

Bomas of Kenya

This traveler town in Langata, Nairobi is comprised of bomas (residences) and it shows the customary traditions of a few Kenyan clans. This social focus will keep you engaged with capable local people performing traditional moves and tunes.

  1. Liberia

A nation with solid chronicled connections to the United States, Liberia offers free visa access to Nigerians due to being part of the countries of the ECOWAS. The nation effectively brags of various shorelines in and around the capital city of Monrovia. For an intriguing day trip, Robertsport offers a look at Liberia’s social history just as spotless, delightful beaches.

Reasons to go to Liberia


Staggering national parks surpasses all desires, with Sapo National Park bragging one the most elevated warm-blooded animal biodiversity includes on the planet. Open air exercises are flourishing for travelers to appreciate.

Road Markets

Experience the valid regular day to day existence of Liberians on Bushrod Island. It is bursting at the seams with the clamor of successive vehicles hooting and piers on the docks. Travelers can buy merchandise at the business sectors showing leafy foods in the city.


Liberia is certainly a nation to be wondered about; its history makes it so intriguing. Established by liberated slaves, Liberia’s territory unquestionably holds a specific appeal that shouts trust in a more brilliant Africa.

  1. Madagascar

Nigerians receive Visa on arrival in Madagascar, just within 90 days. Madagascar is known to be the world’s 4th largest island and owing to its unique ecology it is also known as the world’s 8th continent. The Indian Ocean provides the impeccable accompaniment for swimming, snorkeling, and some smooth surfing and you can see different carved wooden canoes (made by the locals), passing through the crystal waters or lying offshore beneath the shade of trees.

Reasons to go to Madagascar

Baobab Trees

The Avenue of the Baobabs works up outsider like symbolism as these mammoth trees welcome you with their significant stature. A trek among Morondova and Belon’i Tsiribihina on the soil street will remunerate you with a supernatural view.

A Backpacker’s Dream

Madagascar gives the ideal goal to explore with no common worldly pretense of others. This immaculate island will humble you with its excellence and will toughen you with its requests. Finding extraordinary Madagascar island sights makes for an epic adventure.

Natural Diversity

Madagascar flaunts an exceptional biota. One could even contend that they start in universes past our own. By what other method does one clarify such a significant number of endemic flora and fauna? Any place their inceptions might be, it certainly makes for an energizing experience.

  1. Maldives

The Maldives can be located in the Indian Ocean and is consisting of over a thousand coral islands, excluding tourist resort islands, As one of the enlisted visa-free countries, Maldives, offers a 30-day visa to people holding the Nigerian Passport on arrival. The Maldives has some much packages of a rich and fresh bouquet of tourist attractions, Even though most of its islands predominantly used for tourism and agriculture. The Maldives gives you so much more if you plan on going for a perfect honeymoon or just want to dive and surf in its blue waters.

Reasons to go to the Maldives

Beautiful Beaches

Unwind on one of the numerous beautiful coastlines accessible at a significant number of the country’s picturesque islands. Drench up the sun at scenes, for example, Veligandu Island Beach, Bikini Beach in Rasdhoo and Hulhumalé Beach.

Refreshing Water Activities

As an island goal, the Maldives offers brilliant encounters out on the waters of the Indian Ocean, with exercises, for example, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, fly skiing, swimming, and scuba jumping.

Captivating Marine Wildlife

A more profound exploration of the waters around the Maldives will lead you to memorable experiences with an assortment of remarkable animals, including parrotfish, bird beams and more than 200 types of crustaceans.

  1. Mali

Guests to the nation are constantly stunned as they can’t resist the urge to begin to look all starry-eyed at the lofty tall pinnacles, mud-manufactured structures, and benevolent local people. Attractions incorporate the National Museum of Mali and the Great Mosque of Djenne.

This nation is without a visa to Nigerians. A nation landlocked in the Sahel, Mali holds a great deal of the history of a past loaded with battle. Be that as it may, it has some mind-boggling sights, including four UNESCO World-Heritage destinations, and the noteworthy city of Timbuktu.

Reasons to go to Mali

Antiquated Cities

The antiquated, magical, authentic and still-occupied city of Timbuktu has been the base of numerous African stories. Visit the old sacrosanct destinations for an extraordinary encounter.

Social Ways

The nearby individuals of Mali are cordial people, glad to welcome guests into their homes for a plate of jollof rice and new natural product juice.

Common Beauty

Mount Hombori is the most astounding point in all of Mali and is an incredible sight. Mali is likewise home to wonderful different scenes, for example, Lake Niger.

  1. Mauritania

Mauritania offers a Nigerian visa on entry into the nation. The nation is situated between Morocco, Mali, Algeria, Senegal, and the compass of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a nation overflowing with history. In Chinguetti, one of the mind-boggling urban communities of this nation, one can pay a guide or any nearby that knows the desert and navigate the desert on a camel for whatever length of time that your “Ouguiyas” (Mauritanian cash) will permit. The tea doesn’t end, and the rises don’t end.

After your Camel trek, you may explore Chinguetti, which gloats of a noteworthy “Old City”; a disintegrating, sandstone town, with various old-fashioned mosques, and a couple of libraries. With a nation for the most part secured by desert, Mauritanians carry on with a less difficult type of life; they are a sort and inviting individuals, willing to impart their accounts to you, and hear your very own portion. With a sufficient direction of French (or the more broadly spoken Hassini), you can encounter the genuine delight of the nation, which, as in the greater part of West Africa, is the general population.

Settled between the shining Atlantic Ocean and gleaming sands of the puzzling Sahara Desert, Mauritania is a one of a kind embroidered artwork of Arabian culture and strange scenes. Mauritania is home to more than 4 million individuals and some genuinely exceptional and extraordinary encounters. Attractions incorporate the National Museum of Mauritania in Nouakchott, Banc d’Arguin National Park and the town of Ouadane.

Reasons to go to Mauritania

Desert Landscapes

Mauritania offers an entryway to finding the sublime Sahara Desert. Tune in to the old stories of migrant clans, investigate lost desert urban areas, or scan for the cryptic Eye of the Sahara.

Novel Safaris

Leave on an exceptional camel safari over the ridges of the desert for an opportunity to encounter the wild soul of the desert and drink tea with nearby aides underneath the rankling African skies.

Mauritanian Food

Nourishment in Mauritania is an outlandish combination of societies that have been affected by history and its neighboring nations. Well, known dishes incorporate thieboudiene (the national dish), yassa poulet and mahfe.

  1. Mauritius

Found in East Africa is the enchanting Indian Ocean island country around 2,000 kilometers off the southeast shore of Africa – Mauritius. It incorporates over 1.2 million occupants and is known for its pleasant shorelines, reefs and tidal ponds which make it immaculate for entertainment only exercises like swimming and scuba jumping. Mauritius offers you lovely nature, universal impacts, and excellent untamed life. Prevalent attractions incorporate Seven Colored Earths in Riviere Noire, Île aux Cerfs island and L’Aventure du Sucre exhibition hall in Pamplemousses. Mauritius is a stunning spot for sentimental excursions. Get the most agreeable climate conditions and the least precipitation by visiting the island country during the periods of winter (May – October) and late-spring (November – December). These months will offer you a reprieve from the extreme warmth of the remainder of the mid-year (January – April).

Mauritius is an English/French-talking nation with a tropical atmosphere, making it a pleasant and warm spot to be and offers Nigerians a no visa passage for 90 days.

Reasons to go to Mauritius

A Coastal Paradise

One of the delegated attractions of this island country is its magnificent gathering of charming shorelines and islands. Unwind and douse up the sun at beachfront hotspots, for example, Grand Baie, Trou aux Biches, and Île aux Cerfs.

Outstanding Nature

Mauritius brags a riches amazing common territories that will make sure to surprise you, for example, the Black River Gorges National Park, the Frederica Nature Reserve in Bel-Ombre and Seven Colored Earths in Riviere Noire.

Memorable Architecture

Mauritius was controlled by the Dutch, French and the British. Visit the destinations that mirror these previous periods, for example, the Kalaisson Temple in Port Louis, Maison Eureka in Moka and the Martello Tower Museum in Riviere Noire.

  1. Micronesia

A nation situated in the northwestern area of Oceania, Micronesia offers a 30-day visa to Nigerians on landing. The Federal States of Micronesia is a fantastic sovereign island country situated in the Pacific Ocean. With an expected populace of 104,837 individuals, it comprises of in excess of 600 remarkable islands. Micronesia is the perfect goal for actualising all your island-jumping dreams! Mainstream attractions incorporate Chuuk Lagoon, Taki Falls and Blue Grotto of Saipan.

Reasons to go to Micronesia


Nature darlings will be excited by the tropical charm of the appealing waterfalls. There is a scope of cascades – including Kepirohi Waterfall, Saolung Waterfall, and Lehn Paipoh Waterfall – some require a climb and others can be experienced on a lovely walk.


Get a valid taste of Micronesia through the rich convention of its nourishment. Investigate the heavenly kinds of Micronesian food which fuses coconut, fish, and chicken. Try not to leave the island without tasting sakau – a soothing beverage produced using pepper bush roots.


The Pacific Ocean turns into your play area in Micronesia. The island nation is a perfect scuba plunging goal with epic waters home to WW1 and WW2 wrecks, excellent coral plant enclosures and more than 1,300 types of fish. Scuba jumping spots worth investigating incorporate Ulong Channel, Jake Seaplane and Yap Caverns.

  1. Mozambique

From the 2,436 m Monte Binga crest to the shocking shorelines along the coast, Mozambique is a nation of differences. This lovely nation permits a 30day visa for visiting Nigerians given on entry. Situated on the eastern coastline of the Indian Ocean, Mozambique is home to a phenomenal draw of scuba jumpers, anglers, mariners and shoreline darlings. The sights in Mozambique go from recorded attractions to regular ponders that will blow your mind. The delightful clear blue sea is the ideal setting for a scope of water sports or only a tranquil escape with a sweetheart.

Africa’s tropical heaven with the absolute most marvelous fish choices, Mozambique is a blessing from heaven. The nation is known for its entrancing coastline of 2500km, delectable food and thoughtful occupants that make up the nation’s 28 million populace. Top attractions incorporate Praia do Tofo in Tofo, Inhaca Island off Maputo and Machilla Magic in Vilanculos.

Reasons to go to Mozambique


Look out for marine life such as dugongs, whale sharks, and manta rays as you enjoy the warm waters.

Mozambique Cuisine

African, Portuguese and Arab influences have all played a role in the flavor profile of Mozambique. When in doubt, indulge in the fresh seafood that can be found in the coastal cities.


An integral part of the heart of Mozambique, the wildlife are seen as part of the country’s land that needs to be nurtured. To enjoy sights of wild beasts, take a trip to the Gorongosa National Park.


Excellent heaven looking shorelines anticipate your entry as you venture the nation over the coastline. Pay special mind to marine life, for example, dugongs, whale sharks, and manta beams as you appreciate the warm waters.

Mozambique Cuisine

African, Portuguese and Arab impacts have all assumed a job in the flavor profile of Mozambique. If all else fails, enjoy the new fish that can be found in the beachfront urban communities.

Natural life

A vital piece of the core of Mozambique, the natural life is viewed as a feature of the nation’s property that should be supported. Go to see wild brutes in the Gorongosa National Park.

  1. Nauru

Otherwise called the world’s littlest republic, Nauru offers visa on landing to Nigerian identification holders, as one of the without visa nations for Nigerians. Traveling there bears you the chance to visit destinations like Japanese supported Anibare Harbor and investigate world war relics in Yemen. The main attractions incorporate Anibare Bay, Buada Lagoon, Command Ridge and Moqua Caves.

Reasons to go to Nauru

Extraordinary Wildlife

As an island which rose from the sea depths, no creatures began in Nauru. More than a huge number of years, different bat and feathered creature species, just as different animals, went to the island through different methods.

Traditional Cuisine

Because of the high assorted variety of the island’s occupants, you’re ensured of the joy of an extraordinary number of various dishes. Evaluate coconut crusted fish or eat at the island’s numerous Chinese cafés.

Experience Opportunities

As an island country apparently amidst no place, your requirement for experience won’t be disillusioned. Investigate the Moqua Caves or adventure farther and investigate different islands in the Pacific Ocean.

  1. Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a land of volcanoes, lakes, deserted beaches, and vibrant cities. Although Nicaragua lacks a lot when it comes to popular attractions, it professes a lot of natural beauty, you should behold. You can scuba diving, ride in some waves, go hiking, biking or swimming in its lakes or beaches. Popular attractions include Masaya Volcano, The Pearl Cays, Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, and Somoto Canyon

Reasons to go to Nicaragua

Go to Corn Island

You should go pirating on the haven of pirates on the Big Corn and Little Corn. Isolated atolls, located on the east coast of Nicaragua, provides the perfect weather just for that; Palm-fringed beaches, cool water, a relaxing effect. Take a boat down there.

Visit the Mist of Jinotega

The city of Mist with its cool breeze, amazing valleys, peaceful climate, and pine forest; is a perfect place for relaxing. You can go seeing natural reserves, lakes, and coffee farm.

Go to Masaya

There are a lot of things to do in Masaya; learn fascinating folktales, meet skilled artisan, and shop amazing handicrafts as souvenirs back home. Or go hiking or watch a volcano in Masaya Volcano National Park

  1. Niger Republic

The Niger Republic is a West African country, not only that; it also shares a border with Nigeria. Being a country under ECOWAS, Nigerians can travel to this country without any visa. A country fused with African and Arab traditions has a lot to offer. From beautifully dressed men to bustling markets selling local items, beautiful handicrafts, and leathers. Hire a camel, and tour!

Reasons to go to the Niger Republic

Go sailing in River Niger

You can go watch the Cure Salee in Ingall, here nomads gather their cattle together for new pasture or celebrate with the Peulh people, who celebrate the change of the weather i.e the end of the rainy season with knees up.

Join a Tribal Fest

Festivals like Cure Salee, where cattle rearers gather their cattle to look for new pastures, at Ingall. Or the annual courtship festival in Ingall, Woodaabe; which is the largest festival there.

  1. Palau

Palau is the gem of Micronesia. It is a wonderland of dreamlike tropical magnificence, World War II relics, recuperating tidal ponds, a pool of brilliant jellyfish, and the “Serengeti of the sea”.

A lovely country celebrated for its jellyfish lakes, Palau stipends Nigerians a 30-day visa on entry. Palau is most well-known for scuba plunging, with stunning jump locales like The Blue Corner, German Channel, Ulong Channel, and Blue Holes. Prominent attractions incorporate the Rock Islands, Giant Clam Beach, Palau International Coral Reef Center, Nikko Bay, Icebox Park, The Etpison Museum and Babelomekang.

Reasons to go to Palau

Diving Paradise

If you’re crazy about diving or want to explore the diving world, Palau is a dream place just for diving. You can go diving on sites like the Blue holes, Helmet Wreck, the great German Channel or Blue Corner.

Historical Relics

Learn from and about the ruins and relics from World War II scattered all over Peleliu Island. You can also check out BabeIdaob, a home of mystical beautiful sites. There are wonderful attractions to see, beneath the water and on Land.

Milky Way

Milky Way is a mystical and secluded lagoon in the Rock Islands. With electric blue water and limestone, it’s believed that if you bathe there, you come out looking ten years younger. Now that’s something to die for.

  1. Rwanda

Rwanda is where emerald wildernesses shudder with mountain gorillas and the lanes bristle with afro-beats and murmurs to the sultry mood of East Africa. Rwanda is home to old timberlands and has attractions like Volcanoes National Park in Ruhengeri, Nyungwe Forest in Butare and Akagera National Park. Rwanda offers Nigerian Passport holders visa after 30 days of arrival.

Reasons to go to Rwanda

Stunning Coffee

Rwanda is renowned for its espresso. Pursue the sweet fragrance of jasmine looking for the brilliant red fruits that produce the sensitive caramel and citrus mixed espresso of Rwanda.

Mountain Gorillas

Discover why it is a groundbreaking experience by setting out on an extraordinary gorilla trekking safari through Volcanoes National Park

Excellent Landscapes

From hot wildernesses to shining lakes, the scenes of Rwanda bristle with powerful magnificence, charming peacefulness, and East African persona.

  1. Saint Kitts and Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis offer Nigerians Visa within 3 months after their arrival. The two nations of Saint Kitts and Nevis lies in the Leeward Island chain. The Island occupies a combination of European designs and calypso beats, due to British and European settlements. This nation attracts vacationers to its untainted shorelines and scenes and also attractions like Cockleshell Bay and Mount Liamuiga.

Reasons to go to Saint Kitts and Nevis

Tropical Beaches

With sugar-sand shorelines folded over the islands, the palm-bordered coastlines of St. Kitts and Nevis ooze recreation and unwinding. Get a book and sunbathe under the coconut trees or set sail for multi-day of exciting experience on the water.

Open air Adventures

Mind boggling climbing and scuba plunging anticipates the bold explorer. Guided trekking up Mt. Liamuiga offers unrivaled perspectives on the Caribbean Sea, while water sports proliferate off the shorelines of Cockleshell Bay and Pinney’s Beach

Heritage Sites

With the French and English once vying for an area over the islands, the nation’s legacy is installed in its design, cooking and pioneer ruins. Focal points incorporate Fort Charles, the National Museum and Brimstone Hill Fortress.

  1. Samoa

This Island country in the south pacific gifts Nigerians a 60-day visa on landing. Situated among Hawaii and New Zealand, Samoa is home to an inexhaustible measure of waterfalls, blowholes, energizing caverns, shorelines, historical centers and significantly more. Samoa is a well-known spot to get hitched and spend your special first night. A few lodgings and resorts offer unique bundles on their sites with satisfactory plans.

Reasons to go to Samoa

Ocean Life

Samoa’s water is home to a various scope of ocean life, for example, turtles, dolphins, beams and beautiful fish. Navigate the waters by swimming and experience these unimaginable species very close. The tropical waters welcome you with its tricking charm.


A trek to the Samoan islands would be fragmented without a visit to the clamoring markets. From the fish market to the Apia bug markets, experience the delight and regular day to day existence of the Samoan individuals in these fantastic spaces.


Experience the inexplicable waterfalls and luminous pools found in Samoa. Appreciate the loosening up back rubs from the streaming water. Trekking to these waterfalls is an energizing experience remunerated by the quieting waters. Waterfalls location in Samoa are; the Togitogiga Waterfall, Fuipisia Falls, and Afu Aau Falls.

  1. Senegal

Senegal is a West African country with the Atlantic Ocean to the west of it; Senegal is home to a rising population of African greatest wildlife. Senegal is a country with the fast-paced reality in Dakar to contrasting imagery from solitary huts in the Savannah.

You should for a trip to Senegal and take a visit to the reserve occupied with different wild animals such as rhinos, giraffes, antelopes, elands, and different bird species. Popular attractions include Lake Retba and the Grand Mosque. Senegal, due to its membership in the ECOWAS body with Nigeria, is visa-free to its citizens.

Reasons to go to Senegal

House of Slaves

If you have ever wanted to understand the history and magnitude of slave trading in Africa; the house slaves is a place for just that. The final exit point of the slaves in Africa is said to be memoralised in the House of slaves and its Doors of No Return.


African wildlife, from West African crocodiles, giraffes, gazelles, buffaloes to the red pata monkeys can be seen in their habitat right here in Senegal. You can decide to visit these beautiful reserves and get to see the amazing fauna and flora.

Lake Retba

Lake Retba also is known as Lac Rose is an uncommon pink lemonade lake located away from Dakar in less than an hour. The vibrant shade of pink of this exotic lake is as a result of the Dunaliella salina bacteria, which also produces a red pigment useful in the absorption of sunlight. Why not visit this exotic lake and be marveled?

  1. Seychelles

Found off the bank of East Africa in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles one of the sans visa nations for Nigerians is circumscribed by different islands like Zanzibar, Madagascar, and Mauritius. Seychelles was for the most part vacant until the late eighteenth century when French merchants and mariners achieved its shores. Today, Seychelles brags of a different mix of societies—French, British, African, Indian, Chinese and Arab—just as inconceivable cooking styles and the absolute best shorelines on the planet. English and French are spoken in Seychelles, so correspondence won’t be an issue. Every one of the 115 islands of Seychelles has its own pizazz and magical allure. It offers a guest’s grant for a month to Nigerians. Prominent attractions incorporate Praslin Island’s Anse Lazio, Mahé Island’s Morne Blanc, and La Digue Island’s Union Estate Park.

Reasons to go to Seychelles

Dazzling Beaches

The islands of Seychelles are famous for pleasant coastlines. Invest your energy unwinding on immaculate sands and appreciate grand perspectives on the Atlantic Ocean at areas, for example, Beau Vallon, Anse Source d’Argent and Anse Réunion.

Island Wildlife

Seychelles has delighted in notoriety for the conservation of its extraordinary set of all animals. Meet an assortment of creatures which can be discovered no place else on earth, including goliath tortoises, the Seychelles songbird and the Seychellum alluaudi (a freshwater crab).

Exciting Activities

Time spent investigating one of the numerous islands of Seychelles will give you a superb chance to appreciate amazing open-air exercises. Go climbing along the trails at Morne Blanc and Le Glacis Noir, enjoy pontoon visits, and find a different universe with scuba plunging and swimming.

  1. Sierra Leone

Situated on the West Coast of Africa, Sierra Leone is one of the sans visa nations for Nigerians as a feature of ECOWAS regulations. Interesting spots to visit incorporate the shorelines in the Freetown promontory and Banana Island; which offers unparalleled normal excellence, history, water exercises among different attractions.

Sierra Leone is Africa’s unpleasant precious stone, with a mindful eye you will find its common magnificence and sublime potential. Famous attractions incorporate Bunce Island in Freetown and Makeni Clock Tower in Makeni.

Reasons to go to Sierra Leone

Tropical Paradise

Palm-bordered shorelines and tropical rainforests make this a standout amongst Africa’s most intriguing goals. Visit Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary or take a kayak outing to Banana Islands for a wonderful tropical excursion.


Enjoy your taste buds with Sierra Leone’s flavorful dishes which comprises of generous stews. Make certain to attempt the groundnut stew and a cassava leave dish. Dive yourself into this present nation’s rich sustenance culture through road slows down.

Cotton Tree

Examine the best-adored milestone situated in the core of Freetown, the cotton tree rules the city’s horizon. It has extraordinary verifiable centrality for the natives of Freetown. Visit the cotton tree at nightfall to observe the bats empty as one.

  1. Somalia

This nation grants visa upon landing to Nigerian international ID holders. Because of its awesome landscape and extraordinary climate, Somalia is overflowing with untamed life. Creatures running from meerkats to lions occupy quite a bit of Somalia. Numerous parks have removed creatures from Mogadishu to security in zoos, for example, Lag-Badana Park in the edges of Mogadishu. You could likewise visit the Somali shoreline in Mogadishu. Somalia: an unexpected nation bursting at the seams with Afroasiatic culture, warm individuals and antiquated shake craftsmanship

Somalia is a nation submerged in massively notable excellence, arranged in the Horn of Africa. With a populace of roughly 14.3 million individuals, it is acclaimed for having the longest coastline on Africa’s terrain. Somalia is bursting at the seams with excellent individuals, antiquated stories of exchange and Afroasiatic culture. Delightful attractions incorporate Laas Geel, Mogadishu Cathedral and Berbera Seaside.

Reasons to go to Somalia

Cavern Paintings

Visit Laas Geel in Somaliland where you’ll find Neolithic artistic creations on the dividers of caverns. This radiant antiquated shake workmanship is among the most established and best-saved shake artistic creations on the mainland of Africa.


Running from Mogadishu toward the south of the Kenyan fringe, Somalia’s shorelines are a marvelous incredible sight. With buttermilk sand and twinkling oceans, these unblemished shorelines entice to be investigated


Somalian dishes present flavorful plenty of impacts from Italy, India, Ethiopia, and Arab nations. Attempt dishes like surbiyaan hilib adhi (rice and sheep), maraq digaag (chicken soup) and malawan (customary hotcake).

  1. Tanzania

Tanzania, one of the free visa nations for Nigeria citizens, gives visas them at the arrival point, upon entry. Tanzania, asides having three of Africa’s Seven Natural Wonders, is likewise honored with the most noteworthy mountain in Africa, and the biggest and most profound lakes in Africa. In Tanzania, there is such a great amount to see and do, for example, exploring natural life, culture (particularly of the Maasai tribe), the Mount Kilimanjaro, and the incomparable Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is an archipelago of memorable Indian Ocean islands. It gloats of captivating and ideal shoreline encounters. It is the ideal spot to unwind after an energizing safari or climbing Kilimanjaro. It is known to be a radiant location for honeymooners or a fantastic sentimental occasion escape. Famous attractions include the Stone Town in Zanzibar, Mount Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro Crater in the north.

Reasons to go to Tanzania

Breathtaking Experiences

You should watch Maasai tribesmen grouping dairy cattle in the Ngorongoro Crater; set out and hike up Mount Kilimanjaro, or explore the old city of Stone Town float over the sparkling sea in a traditional style.

Tropical Islands

The bank of Tanzania is a sanctuary for tropical island heavens. Zanzibar offers up superb turquoise and plush coastlines, while Pemba Island and Mafia Island offer mind-blowing plunging and swimming.

Mysterious Safaris

Tramp through the wild timberlands of Mahale Mountains National Park on a chimpanzee trekking safari, watch the incredible wildebeest and zebra relocation over the Serengeti or look for the notable Big 5 in Ngorongoro.

  1. Timor Leste

Popularly called as East Timor, is located in the Lesser Sunda Islands at the northwest of Australia. Although Timor is a small country, it is also a favorite zone for scuba diving and sea exploration for explorers. You can wander in the white-sand beaches and get amazed in the wonderful mountain scenery

East Timor is home to a diverse number of tribes and is also abundant with enchanting landmarks. Known attractions include Tatamailau, Atauro Island and One Dollar Beach. This country grants a 30-day visa to Nigerian citizens from the day of arrival.

Reasons to go to East Timar

Rare Locations

In case you’re searching for a more settled view in East Timor, Atauro Island is an incredible place to look at. There are electrifying shorelines and mountains to experience. The little island has the most biodiverse waters on the planet!


Experience the Southeast Asian impacts and Portuguese style dishes in East Timor. There are astounding veggie lover and non-vegan dishes to investigate. National dishes incorporate katupa (rice on coconut milk) and pastel de nata (Portuguese egg tart).


For biking fans, East Timor has the perfect experience coming up for you. It’s exciting steep streets have flawless perspectives for cyclists to take in while they get their ride on. You will meet delightful local people all through your visit on a bike.

  1. Togo

Nigerians needn’t bother with a visa to visit Togo, it being a kindred West African nation. Togo is a standout among the loveliest nations in West African. This nation is a delighted play area which manages an extraordinary decent variety of lakes and is loaded up with white sandy shorelines, well-disposed and cultured individuals, and slopes and mountains hanging tight to be investigated. Togo Popular attractions are the likes of Koutammakou, Cascade de Womé and a clamoring commercial center in Kara.

Reasons to go to Togo

National Parks

Nature is in possess large amounts of Togo. Appreciate the dreamlike scenes of its delightful national parks, including Kéran National Park, Fazao Malfakassa National Park, and the Abdoulaye Faunal Reserve. Get ready to see the most staggering flying creatures, for example, flamingos and swans.


Togo’s way of life can be felt through its compelling ethnic gatherings, including the Ewe, Mina, Tem, Tchamba and Kabre. Textures are a portion of the courses through which the Togolese individuals express their encounters of antiquated regular day to day existence.


Maize is fundamental in the Togolese staple eating routine with German and French impacts. Fish and shellfish can be found along the Atlantic coast. Visitors are urged to attempt claims to fame, for example, akume, flame broiled prawns and koklo image.

  1. Tuvalu

Tuvalu is the fourth on the list smallest countries in the world. This Island doesn’t have much in architectural heritage or city like stunning destinations but has enough traditional culture. You can have a similar Hawaii experience; staying under palm trees, looking at the sunset. Experience the island lifestyle and rhythms of this South Pacific island nation.

Popular attractions include the Funafuti Marine Conservation Area and Nanumanga Fire Caves. Tuvalu gives Nigeria citizens a 30-day visa on arrival. Fun Fact: Do you know that the skeletal remains of World War II planes can be found on a dreamy backdrop of coconut palm-fringed beaches on Tuvalu’s castaway island.

Reasons to go to Tuvalu

The Island Culture

Tuvalu’s Island is one you can’t help but fall in love with. Their cuisines made from coconuts (Tuvaluan cuisine is decadent and exotic), fatele dance, and baskets weaved with palm leaves is something to look forward to.

Majestic Diving

With nine magical atolls and breathtaking coral reefs teeming with marine life, Tuvalu is the ultimate destination for divers. Famous dive sites include the Funafuti lagoon and area surrounding Nukufetau.

Tropical Dishes

Their local dishes include the famous Palusami (taro leaf in coconut cream, onions, and fish wrapped in banana leaves), sweet uu (coconut crab), and mouth-watering ula (crayfish).

  1. Uganda

Uganda, also known as the Pearl of Africa, offers Nigerians visa on arrival. Uganda flows to the rhythm of mother earth and is a place to kinds of African fauna. You can go looking for adventures in attractions like Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Victoria, and Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Reasons to go to Uganda

Gorilla Trekking

Uganda is a gorilla safari home. You can find gorilla trails in tropical forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park on daily tours.

Unique Culture

You can discover on each journey or daily activity you take, of Uganda’s beautiful culture. Like of beers made from banana and of great traditions of the tribe of Batwa.

Beautiful places

Beauty and glorious scenery can be found in all streets and tourist centres like the Murchison Falls National Park and Kibale National Park.

  1. Vanuatu

Vanuatu consists of 83 islands in the Southwest Pacific and offers a visa to Nigerians on arrival. Vanuatu offers you an adventure in the South Pacific, with its ancient culture. Well-known attractions in here include the Yasur Volcano and the Coolidge dive, Millenium Cave, Mount Yasur and Mele Cascades.

Reasons to go to Vanuatu

Great Adventures

Go to the diving sites, discover underwater caverns, such as the Blue Cave, or get lost on off-road adventures in the wilderness.

Untouched Nature

Here you can locate places with deserted and secluded beaches and places not touched by human activities on islands like Pentecost, Abrym, and Malekula.


Mount Yasur is the heart of Vanuatu’s tourism gives you a chance to look into its volcanic eruption, by a helicopter, or where you feel the earth move at the summit.


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