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Liberation City Church (Dr. Chris Okafor): How to Visit and Prayerline

Liberation City (Greater Liberation City Church or Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry) is one of the top deliverance churches in Nigeria. The church is famous for faith healing and miracles. It is the religious home of thousands of people who visit weekly for healing, prophecy and deliverance through the Man of God, Dr. Chris Okafor.

Located at #9 Oshofisan Street, Off Odozi Street, Ojodu Berger, Lagos, the ministry was founded by a young Chris Okafor.

No matter the challenge, no matter the afflictions and no matter the suffering, there is a place for you where prayers are answered and the captives set free.
We have a seat for you at the Mountain Of Liberation And Miracle Ministries.

The church has various services including mid-week service, Sunday service and a host of other programs.

International Visits to Liberation City Church, Lagos

The church welcomes international visitors, who are expected to stay for a week, attend various services at the church, visit the Faith Resort Ground and meet with the Man of God, Dr Chris Okafor for deliverance and healing.

The regular procedure though, just like the SCOAN, is to go on their website, fill a visit questionnaire and wait for an invitation. The essence of the invitation is to help you process a visa from the Nigerian embassy in your country of residence, so you can travel to Lagos, Nigeria.

But what if you don’t get an invitation from the church, can you still visit? Sure, you can. But this depends on if you can make the right arrangements and have good knowledge of the church’s activities. Of course, it is something we can help you with.

We’ve helped thousands of travelers globally visit Nigeria for various purposes: tourism, business, and for religious activities, etc.

How to Visit Liberation City if You Don’t Have Invitation from the Church

  1. Plan your trip to Nigeria with us
  2. Book your flights and send us the tickets/details for airport pick up
  3. Arrive at the hotel and be guided to church

Planning Your Trip to Lagos, Nigeria (Liberation City)

If you want to make the trip to Lagos, Nigeria so you can attend Liberation City (Greater Liberation City Church or Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry) through an alternative means when you can’t get invitation from the church, then you may get in touch with us to help plan your trip.

Basically, you will need to discuss with us the purpose of your visit, your intended dates of visit and your nationality. Also you will need to decide your accommodation budget.

We will then advise you on visa requirement, help with the processing, make hotel reservation close to the church and send you the relevant documents for embassy and immigration purposes.

Part of the trip planning process may require getting a letter of invitation from us, if you want to process a visa to Nigeria by yourself at the Nigerian embassy in your country. Although you may prefer we handle the entire visa processing or as a faster alternative, get you a visa on arrival.

Flight Tickets and Pick Up Arrangements

Having planned your trip and sorted out the visa and accommodation arrangements, the next step is to book flights and send us the itinerary (ticket) so we can give you pick up details from the airport. Our team will receive you from the airport and take you to the hotel near Liberation City Church.

Time to rest, freshen up and meditate. And maybe try some sumptuous Nigerian food. Welcome to Lagos, Nigeria!

A Guide to Church (Liberation City)

From the hotel, we will then take the short walk (or ride) to the church premises where you will meet with the Information Centre/Enquiry Desk. There, you will be received and attended to, get church materials, go for prayers and meet with the Man of God, Dr Chris Okafor.

When possible, you may have to leave the hotel to stay at the church hostel (for a fee). While the stay at the church hostel is for 7 days (1 week), we normally advise to plan to spend a little over a week here. It is best to schedule your visit to cover up to two Sundays.

In a nutshell, this is the simple and fast way you could plan your visit to Lagos Nigeria when you want to go to Liberation City (Greater Liberation City Church or Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry).

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