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Obudu Cattle Ranch (Obudu Mountain Resort)

Obudu Cattle Ranch (also called Obudu Mountain Resort, or The Ranch Resort Obanliku) situates at Obanliku Local Government Area (formerly a part of the Obudu Local Government Area). The Obudu Cattle Ranch is close to the Cameroon border in the north-eastern part of Cross River State of Nigeria, approximately 110km east of the town Ogoja and 65km from the Obudu town.

The Obudu Cattle Ranch, or the Ranch Resort Obanliku, actually falls within Obanliku Local Government Area, situated on a relatively flat plateau on the Oshie Ridge of the Sankwala Mountains. It is approximately 134 square kilometers in extent.

The Obudu Cattle Ranch is an elevation of about 5,200ft (1,576m) above sea level and enjoys a cool temperature climate resulting in a landscape of rolling grassland and montane forests. It is an area of idyllic tranquility, beautiful and breathtaking views.

The mountain ranges were first explored in 1949 by Mr McCaughley, attached to the State Veterinary Service. McCaughley camped on the mountain for a period before returning with Mr. Hugh Jones, a ranger who, in 1951, together with a retired Major, Cranfield, started developing the Ranch.

Major Cranfield settled on the Ranch and was responsible for developing it into a well-functioning Ranch Resort known as the Obudu Cattle Ranch. Cranfield cross-bred imported “South-Devon” cattle with the local Fulani cattle and created a herd of several thousand herds to support his core business of supplying beef to the south-eastern part of Nigeria.

During the advent of the military regime in Nigeria, Major Cranfield’s lease on the property lapsed and was not renewed. Obudu Cattle Ranch then fell under various military state government administrations and the operation of the Ranch fell into decline, and the property into disrepair.

There were, however, some positive developments sometime, as evidenced by the tarred mountain road up to the Plateau, which was subsequently upgraded in the 1970s under the direction of then head of state, President Shagari.

In 1999, the new Governor of Cross River State, Mr Donald Duke, saw the potentials of Obudu Cattle Ranch in respect of his plan to make Cross River State the tourism hub of Nigeria. Consequently, Governor Donald Duke ordered the refurbishment and upgrading of the existing hotel facilities at the Ranch and appointed a professional hotel management company to operate them.

Governor Duke expanded and developed the Obudu Cattle Ranch theme to its current status – that of a multi-facility Holiday and Leisure Resort, offering an experience to visitors which is unique not just in Nigeria, but to the whole of the African continent. It is also worthy of note that although the Obudu Cattle Ranch was the pilot project to be implemented, it is one of several schemes – all unique – which were initiated and together intended to make Cross River State the primary tourism destination of Nigeria.

There is no gainsaying that the Obudu Ranch Resort is ahead of other holiday and leisure destinations in Africa. Besides the artistic wonder of the foggy sky kissing the patient hills, beside the fascinating view of stagnant dancing rolling hills, besides the rich rare fauna and flora, beside the thought-provoking waterfalls and natural swimming pools, the resorts boasts of may “firsts” and “longests”.

The Water Park at the foot of the mountain is the first stainless steel swimming/fun pool in Africa. The park is comprised of half Olypic size, fun and children pool with Jacuzzi and heighten slide ways. Also worthy of mention is the Love Garden, as beautiful as an award-winning love song!

Again, the Cable Car at the Obudu Cattle Ranch is the longest in Africa and the second longest in the world. A cable car trip will afford you a nourishing panoramic view of this wonderful work of creation; the snaking cascading road winds around the hills like a wonderful work of painting. There is a vast natural display just about nearly everything in the resort.

The International Conference Centre, the Presidential Retreat and other pre-fabricated cabin accommodation are world class and satisfactorily aesthetic.

Side Attractions at the Obudu Cattle Ranch

  • Stainless Steel Water Park with Jacuzzi and Heighten Sideway and Lush Garden
  • Longest Cable Care in Africa
  • Mountain View
  • Canopy Walkway
  • Grotto
  • Temperature Climate
  • Waterfall
  • Holy Mountain
  • Nature Reserve
  • House on a Tree, etc.

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