How Much Does it Cost to Go to SCOAN from Zambia?

Want to visit SCOAN on your own? Here is how much it will cost you to go to SCOAN from Zambia. The costs are estimated in US Dollars ($), you can conveniently do the conversion to Zambian Kwacha.

Before diving into the numbers, I want to assume that you already know what you will require to make the trip to Nigeria. The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) is located at 1, Segun Irefin Street, Ikotun Egbe, Lagos – Nigeria.

Also note that this guide does not apply to those who would like to schedule their visit on the church’s official website. This estimate is only for those who want to visit SCOAN without an invitation from the church.

What You Will Require to Visit SCOAN from Zambia

Here is what you will require to be able to visit Lagos, Nigeria and attend SCOAN:

  • A letter of invitation to Nigeria
  • Hotel accommodation near SCOAN
  • Nigerian visa
  • Flight booking
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Food
  • Tour guide

1. Getting a Letter of Invitation

The first thing you will need to get is a Nigerian visa invitation letter. A letter of invitation from a host in Nigeria with a valid Nigerian passport accepting immigration responsibility is a mandatory Nigerian visa application requirement.

Processing a letter of invitation will cost you $50 (about 597 Zambian Kwacha).

Without this letter of invitation, you won’t be granted a Nigerian visa at the embassy.

scoan invitation
Sample invitation letter

You can get a Nigerian visa invitation letter from us now for only $50.

Letter of Invitation to Nigeria

2. Hotel Accommodation Near SCOAN

The next thing you will need to visit SCOAN from Zambia is hotel accommodation. You will need to book an affordable room very close to the SCOAN so you will be able to get to church in time and be in the main auditorium among the international visitors.

Here are cheap hotels close to SCOAN that you can book. It is advisable to make your booking in time ahead of your visit before all the nearer and better hotels are taken.

Another reason to make your reservation in time is because you will need a reservation confirmation. A confirmation of hotel reservation is also one of the mandatory Nigerian visa application requirements. It is evidence of proper travelling arrangement.

The cost of rooms range from $15 to $60 (169 Kwacha to 717 Kwacha) per day, depending on your preference and budget.

On average, if you are a single adult, you can get a decent hotel room near SCOAN for around 240 Zambian Kwacha.

Before you approach the Nigerian Embassy in Lusaka for visa application, be sure to first get your letter of invitation and reservation confirmation.

3. Getting a Nigerian Visa

You will need a visa to enter Nigeria. To get a Nigerian visa, you must have a valid passport, among other requirements like letter of invitation and reservation confirmation, etc.

The Nigerian High Commission in Zambia is located at:

5203 Haile Selassie Avenue
Diplomatic Triangle, Longacres
P.O. Box 32598

The official Nigerian visa fee for Zambian passport holders is $6 (72 Zambian Kwacha). However, there may be other charges at the embassy, including processing fees. Here’s a full list of Nigerian visa application requirements and fees.

If for any reasons you can’t get a visa over there in Zambia, you can get a Nigerian Visa on Arrival (VoA). If getting a Nigerian visa on arrival is an option for you, here is how you can do so.

Nigeria Visa on Arrival Approval Letter

4. Flight Booking

Another essential cost to consider when you want to make the trip from Zambia to Lagos, Nigeria in order to attend SCOAN is flight/airline ticket.

The last thing you would like to do is to overpay on flights. In order to help you save on flights, we made this guide to help you book cheap flights to Lagos, Nigeria.

You will need a round trip ticket from Lusaka (LUN) to Lagos (LOS). If you book your ticket online through our flight partner, you will get a cheap price (a round trip for coming and returning) from $390 (about 4,600 Kwacha).

cheap flights

5. Airport Transfers

Airport pick-up (on arrival) and drop-off (at departure), including dropping off at the church when needed and around the SCOAN neighbourhood will cost you an estimated total of $60 (717 Kwacha).

You can pre-book for pick-up and drop-off here.

6. Food

The cost of food in Nigeria is comparatively cheaper, or more or less the same as you’d have in Zambia.

A standard meal in the hotel can cost from $3 (35 Kwacha). Though there are other nearby eateries where you can get food for less – from less than $1 (12 Kwacha).

The cost of food generally will depend on your taste, budget and preferences.

7. Tour Guide

A tour to the SCOAN and within Lagos, Nigeria is FREE if you get a visa invitation from us. We will give you a proper guide on the SCOAN procedures, take you to church in time to be among the international visitors in the main church auditorium and guide you to any other tourist destination of your choice within Lagos.


If you are planning to visit SCOAN, Lagos – Nigeria, then you will need a visa to enter Nigeria. To get a Nigerian visa, you must have a valid passport (with at least 6 months validity). You will also need a letter of invitation and hotel reservation.

The estimated costs of all you will need to make the trip are given in this article to help you plan and make your budget. It is advisable to over-estimate the costs so you won’t run out of money.

Bon voyage!

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