How Much Does it Cost to Go to SCOAN from South Africa?

how much does it cost to go to scoan from south africa

If you would like to visit SCOAN from South Africa and want to know what it might cost you, let’s run an estimate for you.

First, let’s give you an idea of what you will require before we can get into the costs. Also note that this quote is for those that want to visit SCOAN on their own, probably because you couldn’t get an invitation from the church.

Nigeria Visit Requirements

I want to assume that you already have your international/travel passport, so we wouldn’t include that. I also want to assume that you already have your Yellow Fever vaccination; if not, visit the hospital and get vaccinated. Visitors to Nigeria are expected to get Yellow fever vaccination at least 10 days before travelling. This might not be compulsory in all cases though it is highly recommended.

Now let’s get into the real costs you will incur if you want want to visit SCOAN from South Africa.

Getting an Invitation Letter to Nigeria

For $50, you can get an invitation letter to Nigeria from Destinali. So that’s approximately 720 Rand. If you contact us, you will require your dates of visit, data page of your passport and $50 for invitation processing. It takes just within 24 hours to get this sorted and receive your invitation letter. The letter of invitation normally comes with the passport data page of the host/signatory to the letter.

Hotel Reservation

Evidence of room reservation is one of those requirements to get a Nigerian visa. You can book a room near SCOAN through us (within 3 minutes walk) from 15 Dollars (215 Rand) per night, depending on your budget. There are also rooms for 285 Rand ($20) and 430 Rand ($30), etc.

Nigerian Visa Processing

You can get a Nigerian visa in two ways:

  • From the Nigerian Consulate in South Africa (Pretoria/Johannesburg); or
  • Get a visa on arrival

Get a Nigerian Visa on Arrival in 48 Hours!

Expedited Nigerian Visa on Arrival Processing with Guaranteed Approval.

To get a Nigerian visa in South Africa, you will need to visit the Embassy/Consulate of Nigeria in Pretoria or Johannesburg. You will present the letter of invitation and reservation confirmation as part of the visa requirements. The official Nigerian visa fee for South Africa is $58 (approximately 840 Rand). There may be other undisclosed expenses at the embassy.

After you submit your visa application, you will go for a visa interview at the embassy before they can grant your visa request/application. It takes a few weeks.

The second option is to get a Nigerian Visa on Arrival (VoA). But you must first get the visa on arrival (VoA) approval letter from the Nigerian Immigration before you can travel. The Visa on Arrival (VoA) approval letter qualifies you to travel and get a Nigerian visa at the airport when you arrive. Without the approval letter, you will be denied a visa and sent back from the airport.

It takes at most 48 hours to get a Nigerian Visa on Arrival (VoA) Approval Letter if you process it through Destinali; it will cost you $200 (2800 Rand). With the Visa on Arrival approval, you don’t need to visit the embassy in South Africa again. Here is how to get a Nigerian Visa on Arrival (VoA).

For most people, Visa on Arrival (VoA) is the best option, and here is why.

Flight Ticket to Lagos, Nigeria

You will need to book a flight from South Africa to Lagos (Murtala Mohammed International Airport), Nigeria. Flight prices fluctuate from time to time with different days, seasons and airlines. However, you can compare flight prices from South Africa here and book the cheapest airline or the one that most suits your schedule or budget.

A round trip flight ticket from South Africa to Lagos, Nigeria should cost you around $380 to $400 or so.

Cheap flight from South Africa to Nigeria

Airport Pick-up and Drop-off

Another cost to consider is airport pick-up when you arrive and drop-off at departure. The SCOAN is about 45 minutes away (without traffic) from the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos. It costs a total of about $50 (720 Rand) for pick-up on arrival and drop-off at departure.

If you get your letter of invitation from Destinali, it is best to also let us pick you up from the airport to the hotel. It is safer and more reliable. No matter when your flight arrives, you are sure to be picked up at the airport.

The cost of food in Lagos, Nigeria is cheaper than you would have in South Africa.

Overall, that is the rough estimate of what it will cost you if you want to visit SCOAN from South Africa.

Planning a SCOAN visit? Need more information? You can get in touch with us NOW.

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