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How to book cheap flights to Abuja

Never, ever overpay for flights to Abuja again! Whether you want to book a domestic or international flight to Abuja, why pay more when you can pay less? Well, unless you are super-rich and don’t mind throwing some extra money away at the airlines each time you book a flight. For the rest of us “regular” travelers, we all want a cheap flight.

Trust me, paying for flights is our least favourite travel expense, so we always go for “cheap” and the best last minute deals on flights.

So how do you find cheap flights to Abuja and save big? Here is what you must always do to find cheap flights to Abuja from all airlines and travel sites.


1. Get a flight comparison app

Yes, this is a highly recommended app for anyone that wants to book flights easily and economically. Want to book cheap flights? Then you must create some space on your phone and install the Jetradar app, available on both iOS and Android.

Jetradar is a flights meta search engine that scans and pulls data from thousands of airlines and travel sites, compares flight prices and displays the cheapest and best flight deals for you to choose.

This saves you a lot of flight costs because you will never have to overpay again on flight tickets. By aggregating all flight options to your destination, giving you the option to choose the best deals, it means you can always book cheap flight tickets on this app.

You can also plan your trip on the app and set up notifications for when the cheapest flights are available to your destination.

There are lots of other benefits for using this app. The user interface (UI) is friendly very simple and easy to book flights to any destination and in any currency of your choice.

You can download the Jetradar app for your iOS device here or Android device here.

This is one of the best travel apps for booking cheap flights, and you should definitely download it now.


2. Make Your Bookings Early

The get the cheapest flights possible to Abuja or any destination for that matter, always research flights ahead of time and make your booking early, say weeks or even months ahead. Booking flights 3 to 8 weeks ahead of your trip will guarantee that you get cheap deals on flights.

Although on the rare occasion, you can still get some last minute flight deals, it is best to book early.


3. Plan Your Travel and Booking Days With Some Tact and Wisdom


If you want to book a cheap flight, avoid booking on Fridays because there is usually a price hike on Fridays. Fridays are very bad for flight booking because there seems to be a surge in prices from every airline.

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to book flights, especially Tuesday afternoons. This is because most airlines publish their last minute deals on Tuesday, even more so when they are having lots of empty seats.

Always schedule your flight for mid-week outside of peak periods and holidays. This way you are almost always guaranteed to get cheap flights/airline tickets.


4. Don’t Carry Excessive Luggage

Another way to avoid paying too much for flights is to carry less baggage and luggage. Most airlines allow you to check in with one free bag (of a certain weight). You will pay additionally for luggage if you are carrying more than the allowed weight.

Unless it is really unavoidable, don’t pack beyond the allowed free weight. Before making payment, always check to know the maximum allowed free luggage so you can be sure.


5. Be Very Flexible in Your Flight Search

Another great way to find cheap flights is to be flexible in your flight search. When you are searching for flights to a destination, always allow for flexibility.

For instance, you will find cheaper flight prices when you choose multi-route instead of direct flight.

Checking most of the boxes and allowing for more flexibility will ensure that you get the cheapest flight deals.

These are some of the most effective ways to help you find and book cheap flights to Abuja and any destination.

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