Cheap Flights to Abuja: Compare Flight Prices and Pay the Lowest Only

cheap flights to abuja

Search and compare cheap flights to Abuja, Nigeria from multiple airlines and top travel sites at once. Get all the best flight deals to Abuja in seconds and only pay the cheapest rates.

So, where are you flying from? US, London, Dubai, Lagos? Anywhere, domestic/local or international, just enter your Origin, say London (LON) for instance and the Destination, Abuja (ABV) in the search form above.

Choose your departure date, enter your return date if you want a round trip ticket and click Search to get cheap flight deals to Abuja aggregated for you all at once.

Now select the deal that most appeals to you and book cheap…easily and economically! Different sites have different prices. Here, you can compare multiple sites at once and save big.


Cheap Flights from London to Abuja (LON to ABV)

Daily Domestic Flight Schedule to Abuja

Here are cheap local flights to Abuja every day from different cities/airports by various airlines – Air Peace, Dana Air, Arik Air, Azman Air, Med-View Airline, Overland Airways, etc. Select your dates and make your booking ahead of time to get even cheaper deals.

Cheap Flights from Lagos to Abuja (LOS to ABV)

Cheap Flights from Calabar to Abuja (CBQ to ABV)

Cheap Flights from Port Harcourt to Abuja (PHC to ABV)

Cheap Flights from Enugu to Abuja (ENU to ABV)

Cheap Flights from Imo to Abuja (QOW to ABV)

Cheap Flights from Kano to Abuja (KAN to ABV)

Cheap Flights from Benin to Abuja (BNI to ABV)

Cheap Flights from Ilorin to Abuja (ILR to ABV)

Cheap Flights from Ibadan to Abuja (IBA to ABV)

Cheap Flights from Uyo (Akwa Ibom) to Abuja (QUO to ABV)

Cheap Flights from Yola to Abuja (YOL to ABV)

Popular Flight Routes to Abuja (Round Trip)

Cheap Flight Deals to Abuja

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